Why I’m Joining the Leaders at OneLogin

May 4th, 2018   |     |  company news

I’ve spent much of the past decade helping large organizations make decisions about strategic tech infrastructure — Fortune 1000 companies with complex needs based on critical business drivers.

It’s why I’m proud to join OneLogin as the new Vice President of Enterprise Sales - leading the charge in the company’s commitment to serving a rapidly growing base of enterprise customers. Balancing security and usability is a challenge for organizations of any size, and managing an application mix that spans both cloud and on-premises environments at scale makes it even more complex.

OneLogin solves this challenge. With the launch of OneLogin Access in March, we now have the unique capability to offer organizations the ability to manage ALL applications within a single solution, built on technology that is both proven and innovative. For the first time in the industry, we are able to offer an IDaaS solution that supports strategic digital transformation across an entire enterprise. This is a game changer.

The Identity and Access Management market is a tremendously exciting place to be right now. IT professionals are realizing that identity management isn’t a “nice-to-have,” but a penultimate enterprise application that organizations need to mitigate risk and maximize productivity.

It’s an exciting moment for OneLogin. We’ve got the right people, culture, and leadership to drive our growth in the enterprise space. Watch this space!

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Maura Theriault is the Vice President of Enterprise Sales at OneLogin. She is a tech-savvy commercial leader with deep experience cultivating teams and launching SaaS businesses in highly competitive markets.

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