The Future of Access is Here

March 13th, 2018   |     |  company news

At its simplest, Access management is exactly what it sounds like - a product that allows IT professionals to grant or block application access for users. Click here for comprehensive look at the history of Access Management and the Emergence of Access Management.

The first Era of Access Management was born in the late 90’s with companies like Netegrity, Oblix and Waveset, which later became Computer Associates SiteMinder, Oracle Access Manager and Sun Identity Manager.

Era 2 of Access Management emerged around 2010 when OneLogin launched its cloud-based single sign-on solution. This generation of Access Management was designed specifically for cloud native enterprises that were running on Box, Concur, Google Apps, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc. Era 2 is the Access Management era we are in today.

A key thing to note in the current Era is that access for these two application environments is distinct from one another, where users are managed separately and redundantly.

Era 3 is what our customers, analysts, and the collective wisdom at OneLogin see on the horizon: Unified Access Management. The goal is simple: to simplify and secure access management for ALL applications, regardless of where they’re hosted. As it says in the name, to UNIFY access management.

The Transformation Gap

The challenge standing between where customers are today and where they want to evolve to is something we are calling the transformation gap. Today, the word transformation is everywhere. But what does it mean to successfully transform and to bridge this gap, allowing companies to realize their potential as a transformed enterprise?

There are two key considerations. First is the sheer number of applications, things, and relationships that need to be accessed and managed. Gartner predicts that by 2020, a typical small enterprise will span 1 million people, 10 million things, and billions of relationships; all requiring secure yet simple access management. Solving for this volume is critical.

The second consideration is that we MUST move on from the on-prem vs. cloud vs. hybrid debate. As 451 Research Analyst Garrett Bekker so clearly puts it “It’s becoming clear for many organizations that hybrid IT is more than a temporary transitional phase, it’s actually an end state. To manage this hybrid reality, IT professionals must seek solutions to unify application access across both legacy on-prem and cloud environments to be truly effective.”

A transformed company can’t be concerned with where applications are hosted, they’re expecting workloads to be secure, available, and fluid. A unified access environment will deliver the best of both worlds, the flexibility and agility of the cloud with all the proximity benefits of locally hosted environments.

The OneLogin Unified Access Management Platform

The OneLogin Unified Access Management Platform is purpose-built for hybrid customer environments. Historically, a customer’s only option has been building a cumbersome, multi-vendor, prohibitively expensive solution. That changes today.

With OneLogin, companies can now modify access privileges across all applications in real time vs. days or weeks, and slash access management costs by 50% or more — all with a single Unified Access Management Platform. This platform unifies access management not only for apps, but also for networks and devices, using SaaS infrastructure to synchronize all corporate users and user directories.

Getting Started – Your Unified Access Management Maturity Assessment

I’d like to personally thank the thousands of you who participated in our research and helped shape this discovery. This is a big day for customers, prospects, and of course, the market.

For the 98% of you who are interested in Unified Access Management, we invite you to learn more about its benefits and begin your journey as a transformed enterprise by contacting a OneLogin sales professional for a complimentary Unified Access Management maturity assessment. Please reach out at or by calling toll-free (855) 426-7227 or +44 (808) 109-3898.

The Future of Access is Here – Get Unified Today!

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