The Evolution of OneLogin’s Culture and Values

August 2nd, 2016   |     |  company news

In 2015, we at OneLogin grew our headcount by 90% in the highly competitive landscape of a technology company with headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. With 60% of our team having less than one year of tenure with the company, we knew we had a chance to redefine our culture.

One of the first things we did amidst our changing workforce was refresh our vision and core values statements to ensure that they aligned with our new organization. We unveiled our new vision statement and new branding to the world in Q1 2016…

Manage all identities that access corporate data, thereby driving new levels of speed and integrity in the organization.

We followed this fanfare up with my personal favorite addition to our company brand…

OneLogin’s new 6 Core Values:

  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Urgency
  • Customers for life
  • Great place to work

As the VP of HR at OneLogin, my job is to ensure that we build a great culture that can scale and create long term success for all the shareholders in the company. That’s why I’m excited to play a role in bringing this vision and these company values to life!

One of the core elements of our culture is that we have talented employees who challenge themselves professionally and personally. If you join OneLogin, you will sit next to so many multidimensional, down to earth people (#Integrity).

The way we make our company great together is by empowering each other to try and learn new things or try new ways to do old things, and to trust each other to take risks (#Innovation). As a company, we’ve had many industry firsts, from our Cloud Directory with real-time Active Directory sync, delivered back in 2010; to our Virtual LDAP service delivered a few months ago. We don’t intend to stop innovating, and are excited by the strong engineering talent and technical leadership on our team.

To build off the momentum of our newly refreshed vision and values, this week, we launched Growbot, a tool embedded within Slack, to help employees recognize each other for all the good work that happens on any given day at OneLogin. (#Excellence).

We asked our employees what they felt was missing in our environment and they consistently told us that they wanted more visibility into what’s happening in different teams all around them. We have a lot of good work and many of our employees contribute to building a great product and a great company for the long run, so we agreed that we needed a better way to show all these great accomplishments (#Great Place to Work)!

Enter Growbot, a very simple tool, which is intuitive and embedded in Slack, which we use daily to offer quick and instant communications (#Urgency) to our teams. We created custom emoji’s for our values so that employees could tag employees and explain how they personified a OneLogin value.

We intend to reward and publicly recognize our top employees who personified each of our values during our monthly town halls. This will serve to reward those employees who really go beyond their core jobs and create more recognition and awareness around the company. This is just one of the ways we are making our values come to life. Our employees are really at the heart of our successful company, and we keep them informed internally about all the company’s milestones and news. Our CEO, Thomas Pedersen also publishes a weekly “State of the Union” so that information flows freely.

By giving our employees information and context about their work, we’re collectively doing all we can to make our clients #CustomersforLife. Similar to the way we work internally, we believe that communication is the key to any good customer relationship, and we work hard to keep our customers informed about anything relevant that they would benefit from knowing. For instance, we have the “What’s New” section of our blog (introduced a few weeks ago); our system status pages; our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; and our in-app messaging. And we even collect feature ideas and votes from our Ideas Portal.

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Mai Ton, VP of HR for OneLogin, is leading the charge to scale OneLogin’s growth with a focus on culture and long-term employee development. She sets the people strategy and delivers the support to make it a great place to work.

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