The Case for Cloud-Based IAM: Interview with David Meyer

April 20th, 2016   |     |  security and compliance, smarter identity

Recently David Meyer, OneLogin Vice President of Products, was interviewed by Tom Field, Vice President of Editorial for the Information Security Media Group (ISMG), the largest media company solely focused on information security, risk management, fraud, compliance and other related topics.

At a time when workers use more apps than ever to do their jobs and from more locations and devices than ever — traditional IAM is simply not sufficient,” said Meyer. “Cloud-based IAM is what organizations truly need. And it’s a pretty simple business case to make.”

In a far-ranging interview on cloud-based IAM, Meyer addressed a variety questions including:

  • Why do organizations today need identity and access management?
  • What do you find to be so to be some of the more common downfalls of traditional identity and access management and why do those challenges make cloud-based IAM a better alternative?
  • When organizations are making their choice of choosing an IAM solution, a cloud-based IAM solution, what are some of the areas they really need to be considering.
  • Organizations have made significant technology investments, so how can they ensure that their legacy systems are not left behind behind when they are adding access to the cloud?
  • What are some of the trends you are seeing in the IAM market driving your product roadmap?
  • OneLogin has over 2,000 customers in almost 50 countries, in a wide variety of vertical industries, what do you find to be some of the common experiences at your various customers have reported to you after implementing your single sign-on solution?

NOTE: Viewing this interview is a gated item held at ISMG and requires a brief 30-second online registration process.

To view the interview, click here.

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