Supporting Legacy Infrastructure on the Way to the Cloud

June 3rd, 2016   |     |  security & compliance

It’s no secret that competitive organizations are moving to the cloud- and quickly - including backend systems in order to streamline IT operations! There are many well known benefits to cloud integration, but what about the legacy apps and infrastructures that are already in place? Will they be lost in the transition?

How can organizations support their legacy infrastructures as they shift to the cloud?

Find out by watching our on-demand webinar featuring Forrester and OneLogin: Supporting Legacy Infrastructure on the Way to the Cloud.

Our speakers, Forrester Principal Analyst Andras Cser and OneLogin VP Product David Meyer, will discuss how to protect legacy investments while securely expanding cloud application portfolios and extending identity management to devices.

OneLogin and Forrester will discuss the following topics:

  • Benefits of a unified cloud directory
  • Support for IT protocols including LDAP, RADIUS, and more
  • Support for directory consolidation
  • Secure access to WiFi, VPN, SSH, on-prem and cloud applications
  • Extending identity management to the device
  • Cloud-based replacement for on-premises Active Directory and LDAP directories
  • Demonstration of key IDaaS features
  • Q&A

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