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August 11th, 2016   |     |  security & compliance

As of late, cloud computing has had a powerful impact on the daily lives of countless businesses. The cloud empowers organizations with unprecedented levels of productivity- So much so that it’s becoming more and more difficult for companies to achieve their full potential and stay competitive without embracing all that the cloud has to offer. But the cloud isn’t all sunshine and rainbows (pun intended.)

Cyberthreats: The Cost of Cloud Computing

With great power comes great responsibility, and cloud computing is no exception. Amazing productivity gains come at the cost of an increasing number of cyber threats. It’s the responsibility of IT to develop a strategy to mitigate these risks, and stop threats before they can harm the organization.

Minimize the Risk with IAM

Given the recent surge in cybercrime, it’s not surprising that security has become of paramount concern for organizations trying to take advantage of cloud capabilities. As companies become more educated on the risks of cloud computing, they are focusing their security efforts toward establishing or modernizing their identity and access management (IAM) strategies. IAM solutions provide a powerful set of tools that keep corporate data secure, while maintaining a high level of convenience for end users.

Prepare your Strategy: Get the Forrester Playbook

Forrester shows that most IAM projects fail or stall without strategy. So to help you succeed with your planning, we’re sharing a complimentary copy of the Forrester Playbook™: Build Your Identity And Access Management Strategy (IAM). Download the report for systematic guidance on how to establish a modern approach to IAM, as well as recommendations on what’s needed to make your strategy a reality.

Execute your Strategy

Once you’re ready to go with your IAM strategy, we’re excited to help you execute it! According to Forrester Consulting, OneLogin can help organizations like yours achieve an ROI of over 480% in only 2 months.

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