Forgot Your OneLogin Password? Don’t Fret, Use SMS to Reset

February 26th, 2014   |     |  Product & Technology

Getting locked out of an account during login is an all too common—albeit frustrating—experience currently affecting end users everywhere. In fact, recent research shows that 67 percent of people surveyed indicated they have been locked out of an online account at least once over the past two years.

Here at OneLogin, we realized that our end users are not immune to this problem as well and that up until recently, the only way to reset your password was through email. Yet in order to access email, users had to log in through OneLogin to access their email account. It was a vicious catch-22 that could only be fixed by a call to your IT department to reset the password manually.

We recently introduced a feature that solves this problem by letting you reset your password over SMS, in addition to email. Here’s how it works:

When a user of your OneLogin account clicks “I forgot my password” on the login page


…they will have the additional option of resetting their password via SMS:


If the email address they specify has the SMS password reset feature enabled for their account and also has a mobile # associated with that email address, we will send a six-digit code to their phone:

The user then enters that code in their browser:


…and is then prompted to specify a new password:


…and routed back to the login page to login with their new password:


With SMS password reset, your users won’t have to worry about getting locked out of their account. There are now more options available to assure an easy, user-friendly experience while logging in.


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Robert Paraschiv is a passionate product manager who works with OneLogin’s engineering team to define, build and launch products and features for OneLogin’s core identity management platform, OTP app, and native mobile single sign-on apps. Robert cares deeply about design and usability, and knows how to balance data and aesthetics to inform product design.

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