Sedgwick LLP Trusts OneLogin with Sensitive App Data

September 22nd, 2016   |     |  security and compliance, smarter identity

All organizations today face the monumental challenge of securing corporate data in an increasingly connected world. But no matter how you slice it, the stakes simply are not the same for everyone when it comes to data security. Some companies - like those in the legal industry - cannot afford to compromise when it comes to keeping their information secure. This is why more legal organizations, like Sedgwick LLP, are choosing OneLogin as their secure identity provider.

“OneLogin is a product we really believe in.” -Matthew Fuller, IT Director for User Services, Sedgwick LLP.

The Challenge

Sedgwick LLP is an international litigation and business law firm that provides counseling, risk management, litigation management, trial, appellate and other legal services to sophisticated corporate clients. They faced the challenge of securely managing the app access of current employees while keeping things as convenient as possible for IT and end users.

“…to maintain our agility as an organization, we need to grant employees access to the tools and resources necessary to provide client service. Whether for a new employee, attorney or partner, to do that by just adding them to a group so we don’t have to manage them individually, that’s a major factor for us,” said Matthew Fuller, IT Director for User Services, Sedgwick LLP.

Just as importantly, it was crucial to the security of Sedgwick to be able to rapidly revoke the app access of former employees. “As we begin to add more finance applications, we need the ability to terminate a departed employee’s access very quickly, and the only way to do that is if we control access to those sites. That’s one of the top business drivers for us, and security is incredibly important to Sedgwick and its clients,” said Fuller.

Enter OneLogin

Before OneLogin, provisioning new users was done manually, making it a time- consuming and error-prone process. Now, when someone joins the firm, a OneLogin account is created automatically, since it’s connected to Active Directory (AD). Additionally, when someone leaves, it is now possible to deprovision them in real time, thanks to the tie-in with AD Change Notifications.

“All the time spent from users having to remember their passwords for a given site or service, and then when they don’t remember it, clicking the ‘send me my password’ button—that’s virtually nonexistent now. The savings benefit both IT and end users. They’re not bothered with having to remember login credentials, and we don’t have to help them remember them or reset them on these systems,” added Fuller.

“Another area we find both valuable and a best practice is that in IT, we’re not spending as much time sharing data with our vendors. We don’t have to send them updates, and we’ve all but eliminated phone calls—it’s been removed from the things we need to worry about.”

Learn More

Want to learn more about how OneLogin is empowering Sedgwick LLP? Get the full details in this case study: Sedgwick LLP Secures Rapid Access to Apps and Data for Attorneys, Employees.

Curious if OneLogin would be a good fit for your business? Click here to read our white paper, Identity and Access Management Without Compromise, or get a free demo here.

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