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My name is Robert Paraschiv and I’m a product manager here at OneLogin. I love sticky notes, but I’ve been using them a lot less lately because of the OneLogin Secure Notes feature.

OneLogin Secure Notes lets people share notes with each other inside of the password protected area of OneLogin in a section called… wait for it… Secure Notes. This allows information such as password hints, security questions, credit cards info, etc to be written down and saved for personal storage as well as to selectively share with a OneLogin Role or one or more colleagues in your organization.

The inspiration for Shared Notes are the sticky notes people keep on their monitor for the company, like credentials into another system, or into databases, or company credit cards. Basically, important information that is sensitive in nature and that you need to share with others. Putting sensitive information on sticky notes is a bad idea for all the obvious reasons.

Use OneLogin Secure Notes instead. Here’s how:

OneLogin Secure Notes

Another benefit of using OneLogin Secure Notes is that you can access the data from anywhere, not just the object you stuck them to. So, they’re more secure and more convenient. Good bye sticky notes!

About the Author

Robert Paraschiv

Robert Paraschiv is a passionate product manager who works with OneLogin’s engineering team to define, build and launch products and features for OneLogin’s core identity management platform, OTP app, and native mobile single sign-on apps. Robert cares deeply about design and usability, and knows how to balance data and aesthetics to inform product design.

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