What to Watch for at RSAC: 3 Enhancements from OneLogin

April 16th, 2018   |     |  product & technology

Today we’re excited to announce that we will be showing off some exciting new product upgrades at RSA Conference 2018! These include an improved experience for OneLogin Desktop, as well as enhancements for the LDAP and RADIUS interfaces.

These enhancements are all part of OneLogin’s greater mission to take the complexity out of managing app access for both SaaS and on-prem apps, regardless of location or device. Here’s the scoop on what OneLogin customers have to look forward to!

Enhanced OneLogin Desktop Experience

OneLogin Desktop is a lightweight Unified Access Management tool that allows end-users to leverage just one corporate sign-in. It also provides a single platform for managing device access without having to bind the device to a legacy directory such Active Directory or LDAP.

The new release supports Kiosk mode to accommodate multiple enterprise users, and also supports enterprise deployments leveraging Enterprise Mobility Management solutions like Jamf Pro.

Improved LDAP Service

OneLogin’s LDAP service allows enterprises to connect to OneLogin’s cloud directory via the LDAP protocol. You can use this for integrating legacy applications and network appliances.

The new release supports custom attributes, which enables organizations to customize the exact authentication and authorization parameters they need, as well as enable integration with more legacy apps and appliances.

More RADIUS Integration Options

OneLogin’s cloud RADIUS service integrates with network appliances such as VPNs and CISCO Meraki WiFi access points to enable enterprises to secure access to their private networks. Think office networks and production environments. The solution supports network access with same corporate sign-in and second authentication factor for end-users, and a single platform for managing network access based on the same security groups and roles used across the enterprise.

The most recent enhancement, in the form of support for the MSCHAPv2 authentication scheme, enables integration with a wider range of legacy appliances and secure access to more networks. All with an easy-to-configure cloud endpoint.

Got questions? Come ask us!

For more about these developments and to talk to our team about anything you want, stop by booth #1327 at RSA Conference 2018!

Not feeling social? We get it. You can also just click here to get your own personalized demo.

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