How OneLogin Protect Conveniently Secures Employee Access From Anywhere

As businesses start transitioning to a more hybrid work environment, where some employees work in the office and others work from home, IT leaders need to restrategize how to secure their organization’s data regardless of where their employees work. Personal devices, like mobile phones and tablets, which in large part remained within the presumed safety of one’s home, will be used on the go once again.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one of the best tools in your arsenal to defend against unauthorized access to corporate assets. When your end users are on the go, however, they need a quick and easy way to complete the MFA requirement. This is where an authenticator application, like OneLogin Protect, comes in handy—in particular, the ability to verify one’s identity with a simple acceptance of a push notification on a mobile device. Receiving a One-Time Password (OTP) via other means, like email or SMS, means users have to go through additional steps to manually enter the OTP code, which can be error-prone and slow. This is especially true if users are not able to enter the correct code before it expires.

Now, what happens when a user replaces their phone? An important feature of any authenticator app is the ability to backup and restore a user’s account. Let’s say one of your users loses their phone, buys a new phone, or experiences trouble with completing the app update, they can back up all their application settings and the account that’s linked to OneLogin Protect to the cloud. The user can then restore this information on a new device so they don’t get locked out of their account in the future because they can’t complete the MFA requirement. This also eliminates the need to reconfigure OneLogin Protect with their current account on their new device.

How to Back up Your Account

We recently improved the backup and restore flow to make it even easier for users to set up OneLogin Protect on a new mobile device. Now, your users can perform the initial backup by simply entering their email address and phone number to receive an SMS verification code that verifies that it is the user who has set up an account to do the backup.

For customers who already have OneLogin Protect installed on a mobile device, you can test out this feature for yourself!

    1. Navigate to Backup from the menu icon.
    2. Enter your email address when prompted–it can be your personal or corporate email. You will then need to set a master password. We recommend using a unique, complex password with a mix of digits, letters, and special characters. Then, enter a valid phone number to receive the SMS verification.
    3. Click Backup to start configuring the account, which will trigger the SMS verification to the phone associated with the number you previously entered.

Click Backup

Enter email and password

Enter a phone number for SMS verification

    1. Once you provide the code, all you need to do is click Verify. You have the option to resubmit the verification code at 30-second intervals if you don’t receive it. You will then see a screen where you can complete the backup. Then, save your unique QR code, which you will need to restore your account in the future.

Click Verify Recovery Kit notification Account recovery method

    1. Every time thereafter when a user wants to backup their account, all they have to do is click Backup Now. That’s it!

Backing up the account

How to Restore Your Account

If you want to restore the account on a new phone or a tablet, the process is just as simple.

    1. Download the OneLogin Protect app on a new device (available on iOS and Android).
    2. Scan the QR code you saved in your email or elsewhere.
    3. Enter your master password, and then click Restore.

Restoring the account on a new device

Scan your QR code

Enter master password and click Restore

  1. Once your data is restored, you will receive confirmation that you successfully completed the process.

Want to learn more about OneLogin Protect? Find out more about our OneLogin Protect app or download the app today (available on iOS and Android, Android Wear, and Apple watchOS).

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Ariel Zommer

Ariel Zommer is a Product Marketing Manager at OneLogin. Ariel is passionate about cloud technology and how it is transforming the way we work, live, and collaborate every day. Prior to OneLogin, Ariel has held strategic marketing roles at Signifyd, IXYS Corporation, and TIE Kinetix.

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