Ploggin’ at OneLogin: Keeping our Community Clean

March 16th, 2018   |     |  company news

When I heard about Plogging, the Swedish fitness craze sweeping the nation, I just knew OneLogin had to get in on the action. If you’re not familiar with it yet, plogging is the combination of jogging and picking up (plocka upp) trash.

When we took to the streets of San Francisco to announce the launch of OneLogin Access and the introduction of Unified Access Management, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to help clean up our immediate community and have some fun along the way.

I wasn’t totally sure if everyone would share my enthusiasm for plogging, but we all donned bright orange gloves and set off with blue trash bags on a 1-mile route around our San Francisco office. Despite the rain, the team ran with the opportunity and collected a ton of trash, with several rock stars going well beyond the originally designated route. We had a surprisingly good time picking up cigarette butts, water bottle caps, and the occasional broken coffee maker ditched in a planter.

Product launch days are always big days at any company, and we definitely did our fair share of celebrating when we got back to the office. But using this launch as a chance to come together and give back to our community made it extra special.

Finding ways to give back is in our DNA at OneLogin. And meeting back at the office with bags full of trash and plenty of high fives to go around, I felt proud, as always, to be part of such an awesome and caring team.

On a personal note, I was able to bring my one-year-old daughter along for the ride in a baby carrier all day. It was so fun to have her with me for the festivities and to start teaching her about community service from an early age. But I can confirm that you will feel the effects of plogging (so many squats) the next day!

Cheers to the beautiful city of San Francisco and happy plogging!

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Elle Lathrop is the Director of CEO Staff Operations at OneLogin. Elle joined OneLogin in 2014 as part of the product and engineering group and worked to scale the product before moving to a more cross-functional leadership role. Elle is responsible for driving a unified approach to strategic planning and execution of company initiatives.

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