Pets-as-a-Factor Authentication: Secure Access with a Bark, Meow, or Hiss

March 31st, 2017   |     |  product & technology

Today we at OneLogin are thrilled to announce the latest in multi-factor authentication technology: OneLogin Pets - the industry’s first ever Pets-as-a-Factor Authentication (PaaFA) solution. This revolutionary new product allows users to authenticate into mobile devices, laptops, and corporate applications using facial and voice-recognition on common household pets.

The development of OneLogin Pets stems from the pressing need that orgs have for more robust forms of multi-factor authentication. Every day, over 3M records are stolen, and the average cost of a data breach is $4 million. While strong passwords are certainly part of any robust security infrastructure, additional authentication factors are necessary to maximize data security. Here at OneLogin, we are always exploring new ways to tackle security issues. Thus, OneLogin Pets was born.

The new face of enterprise security.

How it works

Using OneLogin Pets is incredibly simple. Users need only to enter their login credentials into their device as usual, before being prompted with the OneLogin Pets interface. From there, they can simply hold their dog, cat, or snake up to their machine and have that pet bark, meow, or hiss (as appropriate for their species) into the microphone. Users will then have immediate access to all of their corporate apps via the OneLogin SSO Portal.

OneLogin Pets beta testing.

OneLogin’s artificial intelligence-driven algorithms can recognize a wide range of pets: all 167 dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, all 58 cat breeds recognized by The International Cat Association, as well as rattlesnakes and cobras.

“Pet-based access control is the future of authentication,” said James Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, OneLogin. “Other physical factors, such as a hardware fob, can be stolen. Steal someone’s dog, cat, or snake, and you’re likely to wind up in the hospital. We believe OneLogin Pets will provide a tremendous disincentive for hackers, thus increasing the security of our customers.”

“Most of our employees use some variant of their pet’s name as their password. Often a pet’s name can be guessed by looking at someone’s social media profile. Worse, employees were being forced to give their pets names of at least 13 characters that included at least one number or special character,” said OneLogin customer, Jack Russell, IT manager, Vizsla. “Now, thanks to OneLogin Pets, our employees can use their actual pets to securely authenticate themselves.”

Try OneLogin Pets Now

OneLogin Pets is now available to beta testers. Users interested in joining the program can begin the application process by tweeting a photo of their pet’s willingness to look at a phone or computer screen to @onelogin with the hashtag #paafa.

This April Fool’s Day announcement was brought to you by OneLogin, the identity management provider bringing speed and integrity to the modern enterprise.

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