Our Favorite Moments from OneLogin Connect New York 2016

August 3rd, 2016   |     |  company news, product and technology, security & compliance

Thank you to everyone who joined us last week at OneLogin Connect in New York! We had a great time discussing the future of OneLogin products and features, as well as getting your feedback on our big plans for our future at this highly interactive event! Here were some of our favorite parts of the conference…

Panel Discussion

Our panel discussion featured security experts from a range of companies and industries, including: A.J. Tardio, Systems Administrator at Frontline Education, a SaaS software firm; Tony Gosselin, IT Director at TubeMogul, an online advertising company; and Tim Schwartz, Director of Innovation at Whitby School, a preK-8 school, as well as a pharmaceutical IAM professional. Here’s what they had to say:

“The difference between OneLogin and no solution is night and day. Our users love it because they need to remember just one password, and IT loves it because it makes on/off boarding so much easier,” said Tony. “Our HR team was looking for time card apps and automatically disqualified any that didn’t support SAML. Ultimately they wanted to leverage the smooth user experience that OneLogin offers.”

They were especially excited about OneLogin Desktop for Mac. “Single sign on for Macs is the holy grail,” said Tim. “As everything moves to the cloud, I have to remind everyone how amazing it is what we’re doing with OneLogin.” This feedback only makes us more excited for our upcoming updates to OneLogin Desktop, which we discussed during the Product Roadmap section of the conference.

Many thanks to all our panelists! It was fantastic hearing your OneLogin success stories, as well as having you guide the discussion around how we can improve our service.

Key Speaker: Mustafa Ebadi

Next came our customer speaker, Mustafa Ebadi, Vice President of IT and Services at SOTI. Ebadi used his presentation as an opportunity to not only explain the benefits of OneLogin for both IT and end users, but to discuss his relationship with the OneLogin organization.

Mustafa has been using OneLogin for three years and has been involved with a number of beta tests that have helped bring the product to where it is today. According to him, the sales discussions with OneLogin were “more around partnership, and what are our business needs, and how OneLogin can solve those business needs. It was a true partnership.”

A huge thank you to Mustafa for taking the time to share his insights with our other customers.

OneLogin Product Roadmap and Ideas Session

After Mustafa’s talk, our VP of Product Management, David Meyer, presented the OneLogin product roadmap — both what we’ve accomplished over the past year, and what we plan to achieve. Highlights included OneLogin Desktop for both Mac and PC, how we’re integrating our recently acquired Portadi technology to provide an enhanced browser experience, and much more that we could only share to the audience in the room.

After that came our ideas session, where attendees voted on which feature candidates would make the most impact to their business, and had an open discussion where guests shared their thoughts on what we are doing right, what isn’t working, and how we can improve our service going forward. Many thanks to all the attendees who participated. It’s your input that helps OneLogin remain a leader in the Identity-as-a-Service field.

By the way, if you have other ideas you want us to consider in the future, you can submit them in the Ideas Portal here. And if you want to stay as up to date as possible on OneLogin product updates, check out the What’s New Section of the OneLogin blog!

Final Thoughts

One of the most interesting points of discussion at this event was the idea that the IT leaders who attended represent the IT departments of the future. OneLogin enables them to focus on being “trusted advisors”— as one panel member put it — to the users in their company. OneLogin gives employees reason to come to IT when it came to choosing apps, and even petition IT to get their apps in OneLogin because the user experience is so good. They want to make sure the apps they choose are going to be put into OneLogin, which empowers IT to make the experience as secure and seamless as possible.

We hope all of our attendees got as much out of OneLogin Connect as we did. We’ll see you next year at Connect 2017!

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