Our Customers’ Digital Journey

We had a big announcement today here at OneLogin: Airbus has become our newest global customer to join the OneLogin family. I love what Chris Taylor, Head of Airbus Digital Accelerator, had to say in his quote from the press release.

“Digital transformation is a strategic driver for Airbus. We are completely redesigning our information technology systems to create added value for the business.”

Digital transformation has certainly risen to the top of more and more companies’ strategic priority list. But what does this mean and what is driving this priority? Is it just another way of saying, “we need to move to use more cloud services, faster?” Or is it a euphemism for business leaders to safely talk about how the need to accelerate the decision-making and reaction time within their organizations in response to more nimble competitors or more demanding customers? It’s likely both and more.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s collecting and analyzing a seemingly endless and growing number of data sources. Or whether it’s using the best new applications that are tuned to the specific needs of a function like HR, Sales or Marketing to get the most out of that data. Or managing all the different types of devices and employees that need to access these data sources and applications from anywhere in the world. The challenges are similar across businesses of all sizes: staying on top of an industry, moving faster than the competition, and keeping customers happy — all while keeping the company’s data safe. All of this has made the digital business transformation strategy more complex, not less.

A solution that can move the digital agenda forward, while also providing greater simplicity in managing the transition to more cloud services, is now essential to any digital transformation strategy.

This is why thousands of companies, from Airbus and Airbnb to Uber, World Vision, and Zendesk, have turned to OneLogin. We are an essential element of every organization’s digital transformation journey. By connecting businesses, their employees, and customers to the cloud services they need to any device, anywhere. And to do so simpler, faster and safer than solutions and strategies from the past.

Typing in a password to access applications that reside on a Windows PC may have defined the last 20 years of IT. But the world has changed, and so have companies that are winning the future, today.

Employees have consumerized IT. They’ve added Apple and Android devices to the mix in businesses large and small. And connections to data and cloud services need to occur across environments – from farms in Iowa to factories in Paris. The strategy and approach IT organizations need to manage this digital transformation of EVERY business is changing rapidly — and OneLogin is both your strategic advisor as well as a critical piece of the technology solution that any company can use in their digital journey.

As the new CEO of OneLogin, I want to invite you to learn more about our view on digital transformation, our suite of product solutions, and the innovation and security investments we are making to drive the next decade of digital transformation.

About the Author

Brad Brooks

Brad Brooks is the CEO of OneLogin. Brad brings more than 25 years of experience leading global technology companies on a path towards success. A tech industry visionary with a proven ability to energize partners and teams towards meeting and exceeding business objectives, Brad has a strong track record of results across multiple functional areas of business.

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