OneLogin: Your Company’s Bridge for Authentication Across Cloud, On-Premise and Mobile

March 17th, 2016   |     |  product and technology, security and compliance, smarter identity

OneLogin’s EMEA team exhibited, and David Meyer, the company’s Vice President of Products, recently presented at Gartner’s Identity and Access Management Summit in London, held March 14 - 15, at the Park Plaza Westminster in London.

During his presentation Meyer made the case for OneLogin’s new class of identity management solution that drives operational velocity and business integrity across an organization’s application portfolio. According to Meyer, “OneLogin is a company’s bridge for authentication across cloud, on-premise and mobile.”

Meyer illustrated his points using several of OneLogin’s newest videos highlighting many of the company’s differentiating firsts including:

OneLogin Real-Time Active Directory Sync

OneLogin has the industry’s fastest and most secure Active Directory connector. The video shows how quickly the OneLogin Active Directory Connector syncs changes from a company’s Active Directory into all of its corporate cloud applications. IT administrators can now automate the process of quickly granting and revoking cloud access to the right users at the right time. “OneLogin is the only cloud identity provider that can kick a user out of all their cloud apps in the flip of a switch in Active Directory in real-time,” said Meyer.

OneLogin Secure RADIUS for Meraki

Everyone has wireless in the office connecting laptops and phones. But they usually share a password. What happens when you need to kick someone off? With OneLogin’s support for RADIUS-enabled appliances, such as Meraki wireless network devices, users on supported devices can connect directly to the OneLogin Cloud Directory. This solution delivers safe, flexible and reliable authentication for Wireless and VPN with nothing to install on-premise — the area where other identity management solutions fall short.

OneLogin Virtual LDAP

According to Meyer, OneLogin ​is the only cloud identity management solution that ​supplies ​a virtual LDAP directory service. OneLogin’s Virtual LDAP (VLDAP) service enables organizations to unify multiple corporate directories and protect both on- and off-premise applications and devices.

Companies have to support a variety of integrations that enable secure access to WiFi, VPN, SSH and cloud applications. With OneLogin’s VLDAP service, companies can now leverage LDAP for authentication and authorization for all users in any directory, on- and off-premise.

OneLogin Desktop for Mac

Most recently featured as one of Network World’s “Hot Security Products at RSA 2016,” OneLogin announced OneLogin Desktop, a cloud-based replacement for on-premise Active Directory and LDAP directories. Desktop credentials can be used to log in once, and immediately gain one-click access to all company sanctioned applications, while also securing its users’ local documents. OneLogin Desktop is built off of OneLogin’s VLDAP service and downloads onto Mac devices today with Windows availability in Q2.

OneLogin Desktop completely transforms how IT organizations think about users and devices. Instead of wasting resources on the directory infrastructure itself, they can focus their attention on tasks, such as managing users, app, devices and security policies. OneLogin Desktop also simplifies life for end users because it eliminates yet another password.

OneLogin’s New API: Magic Tricks with Identity

OneLogin also recently released its new API, rebuilt from the ground up along with a new developer website. Companies can make multiple keys, with auditing, with minimum necessary scope. It’s all OAuth 2.0, and JSON, and fun and fast, but the exciting bit is all of the things companies can do with it.

The new API lets companies control their identity system from other applications. A good example is OneLogin’s recent partnership with CloudLock. When nefarious activity is detected in any cloud app, or across cloud apps, the following can happen:

  • A single API call will log the user out of all their OneLogin sessions. This prevents access to additional applications, but doesn’t knock them out of the applications they are already in.
  • A single API call can suspend the user’s ability to use any app. When this is triggered, OneLogin reaches its tentacles into the user’s apps, and disables the user.
  • A single call can change the security policy the user is under, forcing multi-factor authentication.

This is especially exciting for security companies.

OneLogin’s participation at Gartner’s London Identity and Access Management Summit follows on the heels of the company’s recent March 8 strategic partnership announcement with T-Systems, the German IT powerhouse and a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. For details, read here.

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