We’ve Moved to Brand New Offices in SOMA

December 17th, 2013   |     |  Company News

The OneLogin team is expanding rapidly (case in point, it’s my third week here as Dir. of Marcomm), and that means we needed more space to spread out and grow, so we moved our offices to the other side of Market.

We are extremely excited about our new office in SOMA! We’ve moved to 150 Spear Street in San Francisco! Right in the heart of SOMA and just steps away from the beautiful Waterfront; we have it all…location and a killer view that inspires us every day. What more could we ask for?

We are in the process of decorating and creating an awesome space that promotes a collaborative and fun environment. We have team lunches, gourmet coffee, lots of snacks and drinks, and there may even be a bar in the works.

Why have all this space if we’re not going to share it, so we also plan to host meetups here in the future, so if you want to host a meetup or just visit us, please stop by.
The best part was how easy our move was, a picture says a thousands words and Uber provided the ride.

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