OneLogin Helps Whitby School Do What It Does Best: Innovate

October 26th, 2016   |     |  smarter identity

Whitby School, a private school in Greenwich, Connecticut, redefines academic rigor through a blend of programs, practice and people that produce an exceptional learning environment. To them, learning by rote, test taking, and hours of homework prepared students well enough in the 20th century. But they believe that “an individual’s success in the 21st century will be entirely dependent on his or her ability to think critically and creatively about the challenges they face.”

A vision of innovation sets a high bar

Just as the school sets rigorous academic standards for students, they also hold themselves to a lofty vision: “Whitby will be the school of choice offering a compelling educational continuum, recognized for excellence and for embracing innovation.”

Director of Innovation Tim Schwartz says, “In my role, I create a place where people feel empowered to innovate. I work with the school’s leadership team to identify ideas to enhance the school’s value proposition. I also look for opportunities that transform the business, streamline operations, transform teaching and learning, and improve the organizational culture.”

As head of the school’s IT Department, Schwartz maintains the school’s student information system and manages infrastructure projects. “My strategy was to migrate all of our core services to the cloud,” Schwartz explains. “With that migration, I knew we’d need to make it easy for our end users to access the apps and devices we provided them, all using one password.”

OneLogin emerges as the problem solver

Schwartz’s evaluation of identity management companies took about six months. During that evaluation, there were specific challenges he hoped to resolve. “We were doing all of the provisioning and deprovisioning manually, which is time consuming. We knew there had to be a better way to automate this process, to make it so a small group of people could do more with less,” he explains.

Having a small team and only a short window to complete infrastructure work presented other challenges. “Most of our major infrastructure work happens in a condensed period every summer. We have a long list of things to do and a short period to do them in.”

He considered many solutions, but OneLogin stood out. “The main thing that we got excited about when looking at OneLogin was the ability to have one set of user credentials across all of our applications including the fact that it synchronizes with Active Directory, our internal directory services, which means that the credentials for the users’ computers as well would be the same as the cloud applications that we were using.”

Before OneLogin, Schwartz and his team had to manually create accounts and passwords. “Now, with OneLogin, we provision once across all the cloud applications we use. That’s been very helpful,” says Schwartz. This makes life easier for Schwartz and his team, but also helps his end users. “The students at our school, and the staff, use a variety of web applications. Being able to provide access to all those applications in one interface makes it a really seamless experience for them.” The teachers realize the benefits too. “Our teachers love OneLogin because they don’t have to spend their time helping the students find where their username, and passwords are written down on some piece of paper in a locker somewhere.”


“Our teachers love OneLogin because they don’t have to spend their time helping the students find where their username, and passwords are written down on some piece of paper in a locker somewhere.”

Problem solving is only the beginning

Whitby School’s relationship with OneLogin has moved beyond simple problem solving. They help the school embrace their mission. “As a school that promotes innovation, we look at products that can enhance teaching and learning or streamline operations. This makes us more agile and willing to explore our options. We recognize that we can’t deliver an excellent education if our school operations can’t keep up with where our curriculum is going,” says Schwartz. He continues, “It’s great to partner with a company like OneLogin that can appreciate innovation.”

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