OneLogin Empowers Farrer & Co with Remote Access Single Sign-on

February 23rd, 2016   |     |  product & technology

With over 300 years of history, Farrer & Co. is one of the most illustrious independent law firms in the world. The organization has certainly stood the test of time, continually adapting with the evolving global marketplace while still maintaining the highest standards of business practices.

As Farrer & Co. continued to expand, so did the company’s remote workforce. In order to maintain business efficiency, the company sought out an Identity and Access Management system that would keep sensitive data secure, while also granting employees access to data they needed in order to be productive from remote locations.

Enter OneLogin.

“OneLogin is the next-generation solution we had always dreamed of, and the results speak for themselves.” -Neil Davison, IT Director at Farrer & Co

OneLogin offers Farrer and Co employees ease of access via a central portal where the team could consolidate its existing cloud-based applications, and access them from any location. Even when a fire erupted near the Farrer & Co London office, preventing employees from coming to work, employees were still able to securely access their data remotely, and work as usual.

“Not only has the OneLogin solution had a huge positive impact on the IT department by freeing up their time, but the lawyers love it, too,” said Neil Davison, IT Director at Farrer & Co. “ It’s made remote working incredibly easy, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve.”

For more information on how OneLogin is empowering Farrer & Co, see this case study.

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