OneLogin Desktop: How True Single Sign-on Enhances Security

September 12th, 2016   |     |  product and technology, smarter identity

It’s no secret that cloud adoption is altering the way organizations conduct business. Cloud applications are bringing new levels of business agility and operational efficiency to organizations. But pursuing speed at the expense of security is a recipe for disaster. Ask yourself: Is your company compromising its security posture to adapt to the new requirements of the cloud?

The Problem: Increased Vulnerability

Traditional company security boundaries are rapidly dissolving and remote access by employees, partners, contractors and customers are all on the rise. This can be great to for productivity, but IT still needs to expand security to deal with “access from anywhere” complexities and risks. You don’t want your organization’s security to be compromised, but you want to keep things simple for end users as well.

What’s the best way to keep company data secure while still keeping things quick and easy for users?

OneLogin Desktop

OneLogin Desktop combines operating system login and single sign-on (SSO) portal authentication into a single step. Just log into your machine and you’re done; It truly is single sign-on. This not only delivers hundreds of dollars of productivity benefits for every employee annually, but also increases security via an on-laptop certificate that delivers a second factor of authentication. This essentially enables you to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all application access.

Live Webinar: Prevent Laptop Security Breaches, No Active Directory Required

We couldn’t be more excited about this new feature, and cannot wait to show you how it can bring enhanced security and productivity to your business. Watch our free On-Demand webinar now! Our speakers, Al Sargent , Sr. Dir. Product Marketing and Tal Herman, Lead Product Manager, Identity will discuss how to…

  • Implement 100% MFA for all application access, while increasing employee productivity

  • Reduce service desk loads by presenting end users with a simplified sign-in experience that reduces password-reset requests

  • Simplify application access for remote users by using a cloud-based alternative that can optionally sync with on-premise directories

  • Manage authentication of Macs and PCs without the hassle of maintaining Active Directory, LDAP or VPN

We look forward to telling you more about this exciting new functionality! Click the button below to watch now.

About the Author

Tal Herman is a Lead Product Manager for all things identity at OneLogin focusing on core Identity features and functionality with emphasis on usability and simplicity. Prior to joining OneLogin, spent 10 years building and helping enterprise customers deploy various identity and governance tools on-premise and in the cloud.

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