OneLogin Cares & Family Giving Tree 2016

December 16th, 2016   |     |  company news

The holidays can be a very special time of year with multiple celebrations and gatherings which bring together friends and family. For some who are not as fortunate, this time of year can be quite lonely.

Through our OneLogin Cares program, we started a tradition at OneLogin to help under-served communities- especially during each holiday season. In the past year, we have held coat drives, food drives and donated our time to help a number of charitable organizations. One of our employees’ favorite campaigns to participate in is the Family Giving Tree (FGT) drive.

This FGT Holiday Wish Drive is an opportunity for us to personally influence the lives of less fortunate people in our own community. Each individual from the FGT campaign declares a wish, and each OneLogin employee has a chance to go out and fulfill that wish. This year, we had the chance to grant 80 wishes, ranging from toys to coats to school supplies and more!

We delivered our 80 presents this week, and felt good knowing that we were making a positive impact upon our San Francisco Bay Area neighbors (one doesn’t have to travel far to find people in need, as well as a closeness to one another.

I’d like to give a special thank you to our HR Operations Associate, Margot Gwilliam, who organized the entire program. She made sure that we kicked off the program at the right time, accounted for each gift, for every child, and got the presents delivered well ahead of the deadline. This is not an easy program to execute based on the amount of moving pieces and was accomplished through Margot’s awesome efforts, and our collective desire to help others in need.

On a personal front, I was able to teach my 8 year daughter, Emma, a valuable lesson in appreciating what she has. You see, we volunteered to fulfill a 7-year-old named Angelica’s wish this year. One might expect a young child to ask for toys for their holiday wish, but Angelica used her one wish to ask for school supplies. This was an extremely humbling experience for me, and I feel so lucky that my daughter and I were able to be a part of it.

We at OneLogin have decided that for each holiday season moving forward, we will focus our efforts on the tradition of the Family Giving Tree Holiday Wish campaign so that we can funnel our collective energy to helping our neighbors during what should be a very special time of year.

From the folks here at OneLogin, we hope that you have a great holiday season. And cheers to helping each other all year round!

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