OneLogin brings an SSO launcher directly into the browser

October 21st, 2016   |     |  product & technology

If there is one thing we can thank enterprise SaaS startups for, it’s their relentless pursuit of simplicity. Major business apps like Salesforce or Office 365 now live side by side with all other apps in our browser, and we switch between them frequently. Going from one app to another sometimes requires that we re-authenticate - and while this is easy with OneLogin, we feel it’s about time to make the switching even easier.

The new OneLogin for Chrome browser extension we are introducing today is the fastest way to find and launch an app. Sitting directly in the browser, you have a new dropdown menu listing all your available apps and accounts. A simple search for “ama” will list all your Amazon, Amazon Business or AWS accounts. Simply hit Enter and the app launches in your browser window.

The new OneLogin browser extension works with any app with SAML- or form-based authentication, from Salesforce to a bank account, to any internally built app with a custom connector. Initially available for Chrome, we are now working on introducing the new app launcher for Firefox and Safari in the near future.

The success of SSO and password management, and IAM products in general, is largely driven by how much users embrace it. OneLogin is an infrastructure product, but the user experience matters. Getting out of the way, and yet being available exactly when you need it, is our promise to all of you. We believe the best security is what actually gets used, and by raising the level of convenience for Single Sign-On, we out helping to make our customers even more secure.

Your existing OneLogin for Chrome browser extension will get upgraded automatically; we will begin rolling it out across our users starting the morning of Thursday, October 20, Pacific Time. You can install it now from the Chrome Web Store or your OneLogin Profile page.

The new launcher is the first tangible result of OneLogin’s acquisition of Portadi, a Microsoft Ventures Accelerator company, announced in June 2016.

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Dusan Vitek is Director of Product Management at OneLogin. He co-founded the identity and access management startup, Portadi, which was acquired by OneLogin in June 2016. Prior to Portadi, he had spent 15+ years in the Internet security industry. Dusan loves technology products, and enjoys building the companies that offer simple solutions to complex problems.

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