OneLogin August Newsletter 2013

August 22nd, 2013   |     |  Company News


See how OneLogin works with hot cloud apps like Samanage, New Relic and BMC Remedyforce

Got SSO and IAM questions? New webinar series provides you with expert answers

Join OneLogin and its Cloud ISV Partners for lively discussions and demos on how to implement identity management and single sign-on across your cloud applications. Ask your burning questions and hear them answered live during the webinar.

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VPN SSO Integration

VPN SSO Integration

Remote users who need to access resources behind the firewall can sign into their VPN via OneLogin, which supports both IPSec and SSL VPNs. For SSL VPNs like SonicWall, Cisco and Juniper, users don’t even have to know they are accessing an application via VPN; OneLogin will sign the user into the VPN and the application in the same process.

Our integration with Juniper Secure Access VPN (SSL) goes a step further. IT can provide access to internal web applications even if the user is outside the corporate LAN.

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Identity and Access Management Glossary of Terms

Identity and Access Management Glossary of Terms

Like most areas of IT, Identity and Access Management has its own terminology, acronyms and jargon. Lots of terms are specific to standards such as SAML and others are more generic and apply to the entire domain of digital identity.

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Steelcase, furnishing the cloud

diginomica recently profiled OneLogin customer Steelcase and their move to the cloud.

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OneLogin supports IP address restrictions so users in trusted locations can skip multi-factor authentication.


new customers



PlayVox is a talent management platform that applies big data analytics and gamification to improve performance and reduce turnover in call centers.

PlayVox has partnered with OneLogin to give IT administrators at Call Centers a single point of control for managing employee access across various locations and applications.

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