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January 9th, 2013   |     |  Company News


OneLogin for iPad, Your Cloud Apps on the Go

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Enterprises benefit tremendously from cloud applications, but often lack good mobile options. Many web applications don’t have a native mobile version and the ones that do often provide only a reduced feature set. OneLogin for iPad changes all that. Now a single click is all it takes to access your web apps – in the cloud and behind the firewall. OneLogin for iPad is available on the App Store for free and can even be used with OneLogin’s Free Plan. Read more »


SAML Service Provider Interface

OneLogin’s SAML Service Provider feature enables it to act as a SAML service provider, which means that it can integrate with third party identity providers, such as Active Directory Federation Services, Shibboleth, CA SiteMinder and PingFederate.

The service provider interface allows other identity providers to use SAML to:

  • Sign users into OneLogin
  • Sign users into applications that are already federated with OneLogin using SAML

The ability to integrate with other identity providers is key in projects where the existing identity provider infrastructure is being phased out or enhanced to work with cloud-based applications. Read more »


Reuters and The Three Rules of Passwords

Another month, another embarrassing story about a big website getting hacked – this time it was Reuters. While some might be tempted to make grand proclamations about password security, it’s important to remember that we are all just humans and that human nature is to favor convenience over security. As a result, most of us use the same old, weak passwords that are easily guessed or maybe even known by friends or co-workers. Read more »


IAM – Beyond Convenience

For many people, single sign-on is the extent of their knowledge about Identity & Access Management. IAM can help your organization increase productivity, strengthen security and achieve regulatory compliance.

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That OneLogin allows you to configure multiple instances of the same app? This is useful when you have multiple accounts for WordPress or if you have staging and production environments for Salesforce, for example.



Read how Netflix replaced an appliance-based IAM solution with OneLogin, improving uptime and saving $385,000 per year. Read more »



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