OneLogin at RSA Conference 2016: Come Join Our Partner Ecosystem

February 3rd, 2016   |     |  company news

RSA Conference 2016, running February 29 - March 3, in Moscone Center, San Francisco, affords OneLogin (Booth 1033) with an opportunity to meet face-to-face with many of our existing partners and initiate conversations with new ones. OneLogin partners with Channel, App and Tech Partners to provide a comprehensive partner ecosystem. Our partner-centric ecosystem ensures that you can differentiate your services and increase profitability, while making your customers more secure, productive and compliant.


Did you know that OneLogin is the first and only identity management platform with reseller functionality built directly into its platform, making it easy for you to manage and support your own accounts? According to Gartner, the cloud security market will grow to $4 billion in 2017. Cloud-based identity management is the largest and fastest growing segment of this market and is expected grow to $1.24 billion by 2017. Take advantage of this tremendous opportunity. Help your existing and new customers move securely to the cloud.


Companies are increasingly moving more sales and service functions online in order to leverage the efficiencies of the web. As the number of applications required to support a company’s online presence grows, so do the challenges related to managing identities for customers, suppliers and other partners. Check the boxes on your customers requirements and ensure that they are secure while using your application by becoming an app partner.

Increase the security of your SaaS application, accelerate your sales cycle, access net new customers, and improve the customer experience with OneLogin’s open source SAML Toolkits, guidance and support. Offer your customers free real-time integration with Active Directory and LDAP, as well as SaaS directories like Google Apps and Workday.


Technology partners enhance our ability to help organizations become more secure, productive and compliant. Pre-integrations make it easy for customers to incorporate trusted third party solutions for strong authentication, secure gateways, on-premises identity management, security-as-a-service, badging systems, mobile security and more.

OneLogin Partners Participating at Our Booth at RSA

A number of OneLogin’s partners will also make appearances at our booth at RSA. Refer to the following schedule for information on what partners will be demoing at our booth. Come by at these times to learn the new and exciting ways that OneLogin’s partner solutions are empowering businesses.

CloudLock is the leading provider of CASB and Cybersecurity-as-a-Service solutions. Together, CloudLock and OneLogin protect enterprises from cyber threat by identifying suspicious and risky behavior and automating security practices while accelerating cloud application enablement. Learn more about CloudLock.

CloudLock will demo at the OneLogin booth at the following times: Tuesday, March 1 from 1pm-3pm. Wednesday, March 2 from 3pm-5pm. Thursday, March 3 from 11am-12pm.

Duo Security is a cloud-based access security provider protecting the world’s fastest-growing companies and thousands of organizations worldwide, including NASA, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and more. We have an seamless integration that allows IT teams to implement two best-in case solutions and end users to complete both primary and secondary authentication in one place (no disruptive pop-ups or redirects). Sign up for a free OneLogin account and learn more about the Duo Security experience within OneLogin.

DUO Security will demo at the OneLogin booth at the following times: Tuesday, March 1 from 3pm-5pm. Wednesday, March 2 from 11am-1pm. Thursday, March 3 from 12pm-1pm.

Egnyte is the market leader in Adaptive Enterprise File Services for secure file sharing and smart collaboration, in the cloud and on-premises. Egnyte’s platform enables seamless integration with OneLogin to manage application access and enforce policies with two-factor authentication. Users benefit from single sign-on flexibility, joint search, and secure access and content collaboration — anywhere, on any device. Sign up for a free OneLogin account and learn more about our integration with Egnyte.

Egnyte will demo at the OneLogin booth at the following times: Tuesday, March 1 from 11am-1pm Wednesday, March 2 from 1pm-3pm Thursday, March 3 from 1pm-2pm.

To learn more about OneLogin’s seamless integration with Egnyte, Duo Security, or CloudLock before the event, sign up for a free OneLogin account.

There’s a lot more to look forward to at RSA 2016! Click here to see OneLogin’s full RSA Agenda. You won’t want to miss the Welcome Reception or Pub Crawl. We also hope you’ll join us on at Novela Bar in San Francisco on March 1 for the “Secure Hard Party” from 6-9pm, co-sponsored by CouldLock and Egnyte. Click here for more general information on the 2016 RSA Conference. To schedule a time with our team or partners, you can reach out to

Click here to learn how OneLogin is empowering customers and prospects at RSA Conference 2016.

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