How to Cut Out the Complexity and Costs of Federating Active Directory with Office 365

July 17th, 2014   |     |  smarter identity, company news

OneLogin for Office 365 eliminates the cost and complexity of attempting to use on-premises infrastructure to create a highly available Office 365 deployment. OneLogin delivers high availability plus fast and accurate provisioning and de-provisioning of users, improved security and compliance, and SSO across Web, Outlook, Lync, and mobile mail clients.

Goodbye Servers, FIM, DirSync and AD FS

Rather than being required to have DirSync, AD FS or all of the associated machines and the specialists necessary to maintain them, OneLogin provides a single component to do all the work. Called an Active Directory Connector (ADC), it can be dropped on any member domain machine. The ADC syncs with our cloud, and OneLogin does the rest.

The ADC navigates all of the trust relationships among the different forests in your AD system. When anything happens in your AD, a real-time event hits our ADC and it bubbles up to our cloud. In other words, with OneLogin, you have “real” real-time identity management.

Integrate Mixed Directory Types with Office 365

With OneLogin, you’re able to bring in users from any directory. While most businesses use AD, some might use LDAP, Workday or Google Apps, among others, or any combination thereof. OneLogin lets you put a layer on top of that. From any directory, you’re able to provision to Office 365 without additional on-premises equipment.

In other words, any change you make to your directory infrastructure will propagate to OneLogin and into connected services like Office 365.

Office 365 User Provisioning, License Pairing and Deprovisioning

Office 365 licensing is complex, but OneLogin’s automatic user provisioning allows a large user base to be quickly paired up with Office 365 licenses for Yammer, SharePoint, Microsoft Communications, Exchange and more. There is no need to manually update each user individually. OneLogin allows for easy identity management of Office 365 as access can be given or taken away from any user. We provide the kill switch you need to keep your company secure, as directory changes will automatically propagate in real time, meaning you’ll never have to access the Office 365 admin console to manually deprovision a user.

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