News Rollup: RSAC 2016 Recap and the Value and Challenges of Cloud Integration

March 11th, 2016   |     |  product and technology, culture & news

Welcome to Around Identity - OneLogin’s compilation of monthly insights on Cloud and Identity and Access Management news. Today we will discuss OneLogin’s presence at RSAC 2016, our new partnership with Skyhigh Networks, and the benefits and risks of integrating with a cloud environment.

OneLogin @ RSAC 2016: Post-Event Summary
March 9, 2016
Thanks to everyone who joined OneLogin at RSAC 2016. Read about our new branding reveal at the event, our partner engagement, and new product features including one of the hottest features at RSAC: OneLogin Dekstop.
Skyhigh Network Announces Cloud Security Technology Partner Program
February 24, 2016
OneLogin is now part of SkyHigh Networks’ new Cloud Security Technology Partner Program - designed to provide customers with the most advanced cloud security solutions on the market.
Cloud Security Alliance Releases ‘The Treacherous Twelve’ Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2016
February 29, 2016
The CSA has announced the top 12 cloud computing threats in 2016, including Weak Identity, Credential and Access Management.
Forrester Economic Impact Study: ROI of OneLogin is over 350%
February 4, 2016
OneLogin pays for itself within the first month and offers an ROI of 365% says a recent report by Forrester.

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