New OneLogin Integration with Workplace by Facebook

October 10th, 2016   |     |  company news, product & technology

OneLogin is excited to officially announce our integration with the communication platform, Workplace by Facebook (formerly Facebook at Work). With this new integration partnership, we deliver single sign-on (SSO), directory integration (including integrations with Active Directory, LDAP, G Suite, Workday, and our own OneLogin Cloud Directory), automated user provisioning, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to further increase the security provided to Workplace users.

Why we’re excited about this integration

Workplace is an enterprise version of Facebook that organizations across the globe use as a primary source of communication. The system uses familiar Facebook features like Groups, Chat and Live Video to connect employees across departments and geographies and create a more connected, productive workplace.

“OneLogin is excited to help companies secure their Workplace access,” said David Meyer, Vice President of Product, OneLogin. “Today’s modern workplaces recognize that people want to use tools that they are familiar with to collaborate at work. Now Workplace customers can utilize OneLogin single sign-on across mobile, web and desktop with the ease of one-click multi-factor authentication.”

What are the benefits?

OneLogin is excited to offer a free OneLogin account for Workplace customers that enables the best identity management capabilities alongside the Workplace solution. With this exclusive OneLogin plan, Workplace customers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Single Sign-on (SSO): OneLogin uses SAML 2.0 to sign users into Workplace, eliminating the need for a user to create or remember usernames and passwords. It’s a simple one-click login process.

  • External Directory Integration such as AD and LDAP: OneLogin’s zero-config Active Directory Connector can be installed in minutes with no server restarts or firewall changes. OneLogin also supports LDAP directories, Google Directory, and HR directories such as Workday.

  • User Provisioning: OneLogin automatically creates, updates and deletes users in Workplace accounts based on flexible mappings.

  • Multi-factor Authentication: OneLogin provides an extra layer of protection with a free smartphone app, or a pre-integrated third-party solution from RSA, SafeNet, Duo Security or VASCO.

To get your free plan, visit OneLogin for Workplace.

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