3 Key Reasons I’m Joining OneLogin

February 19th, 2014   |     |  Company News

“Are You Crazy?”

That’s what my friend asked when I first told him I was leaving Box for OneLogin. Why leave a company with huge buzz and momentum, and an IPO coming soon? Well, after 4+ years, as great as Box is, I was itching for the rush that comes when a well-run, smaller start-up sitting in an fast emerging market finds it’s stride — and accelerates growth dramatically. I had the opportunity to experience that at both Box and at SuccessFactors, and there’s no more fulfilling place for a sales leader to be.

Why do I believe that OneLogin is poised for acceleration? Three key reasons:

1 - The Market

Cloud-based Identity and Access Management via Single Sign-on makes perfect sense for IT organizations now, given the rocket ship of cloud and mobile adoption happening in the workforce today, and the subsequent critical need for secure access control systems that are flexible and easy to use.

2 - Product Innovation

At OneLogin, there is a strong commitment to providing cutting-edge technical capabilities that are also user friendly. From superior (and fast) Directory Integration, to a robust and fast growing Partner Ecosystem, to cool new features such as Cloud Search and Live Feed, OneLogin is committed to providing a world-class Identity and Access Management solution to organizations of all sizes.

3 - Customer First

Every company will talk about customer service, but I’d heard about OneLogin’s strong reputation before I ever joined the company. Box customers and technical staff validated the “easy to work with” experiences they’d had with OneLogin, and my initial conversations with my new colleague Jason Hollander (VP of Customer Success) have given me great confidence in our ability to strengthen that reputation in the future.

It’s an exciting time to be at OneLogin, and we look forward to expanding the partnership with all of our valued customers in the coming years. I look forward to talking with many of you very soon.

Have a great 2014!

Jerry Clarno, VP Sales, OneLogin

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Jerry Clarno as VP of Sales, leads OneLogin’s worldwide sales efforts, and has previously built highly productive sales teams at some of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley. He oversaw the initial sales team at Box as they quickly scaled up over $50 Million, and became one the fastest growing cloud enterprise software companies in history.

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