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One of the great benefits of working with open companies is that you get visibility and access to all the new and exciting things going on, particularly when it comes to internally developed tools. You’ll hear time and time again from OneLogin’s leadership that what’s key to our customer success is the unique dynamic between scale-oriented app developers, both internal to enterprises and ISVs, and standards-based IAM vendors.

App developers implementing SAML have long known about as one of the best resources to get information, guidance, source code and a set of tools ranging from cert validation, encoding/decoding, an attribute extractor and more. A tool-set makes SAML, a protocol with a rather steep learning curve, easier.

SAML has a steep learning curve. The helpful example documentation for SAML integration and experimentation with OneLogin were key to my practical understanding of SAML. Our developers easily integrated the OneLogin SAML library, and any questions or issues we had were quickly answered by the library developers themselves.

Nathaniel Hazelton
Director of Engineering, Newton Software

Originally developed by OneLogin, it has grown steadily and continues to accelerate adoption of SAML as a security standard.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we have completely revamped the site with a whole new experience.

Here is a quick list some of the most frequently used tools and the value each adds to your SAML dev process:

  • XML Pretty Print - Take your cramped XML files, and color them for a much easier to read format
  • X509 Certificate - Test your SAML environment by creating a sample X509 certificate and Private Key
  • Calculate Fingerprint - Use the SHA1 algorithm to calculate the fingerprint of your X509 cert.
  • Code / Decode - Take standard XML and turn it into Base64 and gZIP or deflate and inflate your SAML message
  • Sign your XML - Take all the different pieces of SAML and create XML with an embedded signature.
  • Metadata - Take your applications SAML data, and create a easy to consume Metadata file.
  • Attribute Extractor - Your SAML assertion will need to send over attributes correctly, use this tool to verify whats included.
  • SAML Response Validator - Your SAML response will need validation, this tool will test and confirm all the required pieces.

Visit today and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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