Interactive Intelligence Uses OneLogin to Provide 17,100 Internal and External Users With Secure, Single Sign-on to 30 Web Apps, including new SharePoint Partner Portal

May 27th, 2014   |     |  Smarter Identity

Interactive Intelligence, which provides cloud and on-premises solutions for contact center, unified communications and business process automation, was having a difficult time managing applications, usernames and passwords using just Active Directory logins. As soon as the company began implementing an increasing number of cloud-based applications, managing user security became like the “Wild, Wild West,” says Nirav Shah, director of information systems at Interactive Intelligence. “People did whatever, and there was no company policy for managing application access.”

Password security was a nightmare. Employees using sticky notes and other insecure methods to remember credentials for the more than 30 business applications the company relies on every day, including SharePoint, ServiceNow, Concur, Workday and Salesforce. In addition, the IT staff was spending up to 15 man-hours each week on password tickets when the sticky note method failed or a user unsuccessfully tried to log in from a home computer or other device. Add in the need to quickly integrate custom and public Web applications into the company’s new SharePoint-based partner portal, which supports 15,000 partners, and Shah knew the company needed a better answer than its current KeyPass solution offered.

Evaluating Single Sign-on Solutions from Okta and OneLogin

Shah evaluated single sign-on (SSO) solutions from OneLogin and Okta to help develop an identity management process to better control the on-boarding of new users, deprovisioning of departed employees and integration of new applications into their SharePoint Partner Portal. According to Shah, two factors set OneLogin apart:

  • The dedicated nature of the OneLogin support team. “With OneLogin, I felt like I would be getting a true partner,” he says, remembering how the OneLogin team worked through the weekend to ensure his Monday morning launch goal. “The team was more informative in terms of the technology as it applied to our needs, and the technology itself was straightforward.”
  • Ease of use, with no requirement for professional services: “In comparison, the OneLogin product’s capabilities would be easier to implement and deploy to our users,” Shah says, adding he wanted to avoid any sort of customization that might require professional services.

SAML Toolkits for Integrating Custom Apps into SharePoint Partner Portal

“We have created SAML connectors for our ordering, discounting, licensing, and support ticketing systems, and SharePoint-based portals for our partners and customers using OneLogin’s SAML Toolkits,” said Shah. “They are external-facing systems that we secure with OneLogin, so our partners can use single sign-on for those applications.

Shah’s team and OneLogin also worked to integrate dozens of other applications, including UPS CampusShip and OurHealth. “We actually have an onsite health clinic, which is managed by a third party,” he says. “The SAML Toolkits enabled their website, and OurHealth is now part of our offering to our employees through OneLogin.”

According to Shah, OneLogin has helped give Interactive Intelligence:

  • Rapid integration: OneLogin SAML Toolkits enable rapid integration with custom enterprise applications, and built-in integrations provide near instant connectivity to public cloud applications.
  • Real-time provisioning and deprovisioning: Employees and partners are automatically provisioned and deprovisioned in real-time based on changes in Active Directory.
  • Heightened IT productivity: The company’s IT service desk and system administrators can redirect the 15 hours per week they spent on forgotten password tickets to more productive tasks.
  • Enhanced security without added cost: The company can quickly manage all internal and external user identities across all apps and devices without the need for professional services.
  • End-user ease of use: Users no longer need to log in to each application separately, saving considerable time.
  • Accurate audits: The company can see which applications are used most often and produce real-time audit reports.

Tracking SharePoint Portal Partner Engagement

An added bonus: “OneLogin allows us to track which partners are engaged with our SharePoint portal, and what applications they are using, so we can target our resources more effectively,” Shah says. For a detailed look at how OneLogin was able to help Interactive Intelligence effectively implement a secure and easy-to-use SSO solution for its 2,100 employees and 15,000 partners, please read the impact study.

Download the Interactive Intelligence Impact Study (.pdf)

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