How We Sent Good Vibes To Our Executive Team

August 17th, 2016   |     |  company news

At OneLogin, the Executive Team is always supporting us. Whether it be mentoring us through our career goals, giving us personal advice or always listening to our ideas, management has our back. With the quarterly board meeting coming up, we wanted to send support their way.

Last Wednesday, we sent out a private calendar invite to all everyone BUT the executive team. The body of the email read: “Hey Y’all! We’re going to make a silly GIF to send to the exec team before their board meeting today! Shhhh! It’s a surprise! Meet us in the lobby to help!”

Shortly after the invite began to circulate, OneLoginers started pouring into the lobby, slightly confused yet excited and intrigued. After a few minutes of brainstorming amongst each other, we knew we wanted to tell the executive team to KICK A$$ today. On the count of three, everyone took their places with big smiles and leaped in the air. Done! Our GIF was complete. Or so we thought. Oops, we forgot to click “Save”! Long story short, we had to send out a SECOND invite. Slightly embarrassed, we explained the situation to the group. Sure enough, everyone was a good sport and agreed to retake the picture.

Next, we quickly drafted a note to our executive team and sent it out!

Thomas, our CEO, replied within minutes!

It just goes to show that executives are people too. Sometimes we all need to pull together to show each other support. Whether you’re making your first cold call, speaking at a conference, or presenting to the board, everyone appreciates someone having their back.



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