Gartner Report on IAM and Digital Workplace Success

January 11th, 2016   |     |  product & technology

To start off the new year, we would like to share with you a series of four Analyst Reports detailing how to effectively navigate the Identity and Access Management landscape in 2016.

In the first report, Managing Identities, Access and Trust for Digital Workplace Success, Gartner emphasizes the momentum and strength behind a “digital workplace strategy.” This method involves using digital resources to boost employee agility and engagement. The needs and expectations of businesses and their employees are evolving rapidly, and IAM leaders must evolve with them in order to be effective.

For most organizations, engaging in a digital workplace strategy means offering more mobile, cloud-based and social networking services for employees to utilize. But according to Gartner, traditional approaches to IAM not only lack the support that businesses now need, but may even hinder the success of digital workplace efforts. This is because legacy IAM systems are embedded with the risks and management restrictions of traditional corporate infrastructures.

“Through 2018, organizations pursuing digital workplace initiatives that do not modify their IAM processes, practices and technologies will yield only 50% of the potential benefits.” -Gartner

IAM leaders need to adopt innovative approaches and technologies to maximize the benefits of the digital workplace. According to Gartner, leaders should take a people-centric approach to IAM and work to balance investments across protection, detection and response.

Gartner also recommends that IAM leaders design their systems with mobile and cloud in mind, and take a bimodal approach to IAM. These strategies would enable businesses with both modern and legacy IT structures to effectively leverage increasingly abundant and powerful cloud resources.

OneLogin recently acquired Cafesoft as part of a greater effort to embrace a hybrid IT infrastructure - that is, an IT model that leverages both on-premise and cloud resources. OneLogin offers a versatile IM solution that allows enterprises with legacy IT infrastructures to gradually shift to the cloud, and reap the benefits of cloud apps.

If you’d like a more complete picture on all of Gartner’s conclusions and recommendations, click here to get the full report. And for more information on how OneLogin is empowering businesses to leverage the digital workplace, please reach out to

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