Gartner, Cafesoft, and the Shift to Bimodal IT

December 16th, 2015   |     |  company news, product & technology

Following yesterday’s blog about our Cafésoft acquisition, we would like to share a Gartner Report on Modern Federation Trends and Their Influence on Identity and Access Architecture. This report stipulates that “Many identity teams will need to embrace bimodal IT for their next federation project,” supporting our decision to present our customers with a smooth migration path to the cloud.

Gartner outlines in the report why the advantages of SaaS have transcended to IAM, listing a number of benefits. For example, processes such as installation and maintenance become easier, and the implementation is more standardized. IAM on-premises deployments, on the other hand, are often heavily customized, brittle and difficult to maintain. Gartner has even come up with a new acronym for identity and access management as a service — IDaaS — and has proposed that the hosted service business model frees IT teams from the pressures of having to deliver high availability for the IAM software itself.

Of course, Gartner also outlines challenges of IDaaS, including the question of when to stick with on-site IAM software and how to plan for an IDaaS integration. This suggests that implementing a hybrid architectures may be a challenge. The good news is that OneLogin is now well poised to support enterprises with significant investments in on-premise IT infrastructures in their migration to the cloud, ensuring that legacy IT is not left behind.

“Cloud IAM has completely transformed the IAM market landscape.” Forrester, The Forrester WaveTM: B2E Cloud IAM, Q2, 2015 .

In addition to the Cafésoft acquisition, which adds on-premise Web Access Management (WAM) software to the OneLogin portfolio, new RADIUS and LDAP interfaces complete the picture. These additions deliver what is necessary for unified and secure compliance across all of an enterprise’s technology investments, both cloud and on-premise. If you are interested in hybrid solutions for bimodal IT, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

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