Forrester Report: Making The Business Case For Identity And Access Management

January 22nd, 2016   |     |  

This is the third report in our series of four Analyst Reports we’re sharing to help you effectively navigate the Identity and Access Management landscape in 2016.

The Forrester report titled, “Making The Business Case For Identity And Access Management” discusses the increasingly important role that IAM plays in competitive businesses, and details specifically how an IAM solution can be implemented to maximize ROI.

Competitive organizations will continue to adopt identity management solutions to improve business agility, Forrester explains, but security and risk executives must take a number of factors into consideration when implementing their IAM systems. They must do so in a cost-efficient manner without violating compliance regulations and without inhibiting the digital experience for users or customers.

Forrester offers a series of recommendations in this report to help security executives meet these criteria. For example, the report urges readers to avoid implementing home-grown IAM solutions, stating that it is much more cost efficient to use an existing IDaaS.

“Forrester found, without looking at net present values and evaluating IAM costs for three years, that build-your-own, CotS, and iDaaS solutions provide triple-digit ROI percentages over manual IAM processes.” -Forrester

Forrester has several other insights to share about how to best implement an Identity and Access Management Solution. To read all of Forrester’s recommendations and learn more about the ROI benefits of IAM solutions like OneLogin, click here to get the full report.

To read about the second report by Forrester in this 4-part series, click here. And for more information on how OneLogin is empowering organizations to get the most out of digital business, please reach out to

If you have any specific questions, seize the opportunity to sign up for our upcoming live webinar featuring Senior Forrester Analyst Merritt Maxim speaking about “Securing Access to On-Prem and SaaS Environments with Cloud-based IAM” on Wednesday, February 10. You can submit your questions in advance to get them answered during the session when you register, and we will send you the recording afterwards.

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