Forrester Report: Navigating the Future of IAM

January 15th, 2016   |     |  security & compliance

To start off the new year, we are sharing a series of four Analyst Reports detailing how to effectively navigate the Identity and Access Management landscape in 2016.

The second report in this series is a piece by Forrester titled, “Navigate The Future Of Identity And Access Management.” In this report, Forrester breaks down the major technology management trends relating to Identity Access Management in the coming years, and offers insight on how to navigate them.

Increasingly over the past few years, organizations have implemented new digital technologies to improve their operational agility. As this process accelerates, business operations are expected to drastically increase in complexity. Forrester anticipates that business efforts will not only span different devices, but completely different hosting models and user populations.

“These trends create pressing provisioning, authentication, and authorization challenges for S&R pros while compliance requirements, breaches, and other security threats continue to swell.” -Forrester

As the challenges and expectations for IAM evolve, Forrester recommends that security professionals enhance their operations in a number of ways. These include:

  1. Seamlessly authenticate customers without sacrificing experience.

  2. Provide partners with access to sensitive resources without affecting business agility.

  3. Give employees access to cloud services from any device securely.

Although IAM solutions are often associated with security, their functionality has a much broader association with overall business agility. Forrester defines IAM as “the policies, processes, and technologies that digital businesses employ to establish identities and control access to their resources across dynamic ecosystems of value.”

To get the full overview of Forrester’s recommendations on how to navigate major IAM technology trends, click here and get the full report.

To read about the first report by Gartner in this 4-part series, click here. And for more information on how OneLogin is empowering organizations to get the most out of digital business, please reach out to

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