Forrester Economic Impact Study: ROI of OneLogin is over 350%

February 4th, 2016   |     |  product and technology, company news

The final report in this four-part series that we are excited to share is the January 2016 Forrester Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) study of our Identity and Access Management solution. According to this report, investing in a OneLogin solution resulted in a 356% ROI for an anonymous OneLogin customer. This customer had 18 months of experience using OneLogin, and found the solution to pay for itself after just one month.

“Yes, with OneLogin we’re saving money on the hard cost. And with the simplicity that OneLogin brings when you come into the network each morning; you can get to all your business applications on a single screen. All I do is click a button.” - Anonymous OneLogin Customer, The Total Economic Impact™ Of OneLogin, Forrester Consulting, January 2016

Over three years Forrester quantified the following additional benefits:

  • $566,092 in user productivity: faster access to cloud-based systems and applications
  • $4,020 in reduced service desk labor related to fewer user password resets
  • $14,436 in faster integration with new systems using OneLogin’s connections

“It’s exciting to see real-world examples of OneLogin catalyzing productivity in the enterprise,” said David Meyer, Vice President of Products, OneLogin. “It’s not just about managing identity logistics; ultimately, it’s about empowering the organization to work better and faster. Nothing makes us happier than to compact a costly, months-long process into a ROI-positive experience that takes a matter of hours to set up and deploy.”

Check out the infographic below for more information. Click here to get the full Forrester Consulting TEI study.

OneLogin will also be hosting a free live webinar at 9 am PST/12 pm EST, Wednesday, February 10 on “”Securing Access to On-Premise and SaaS Environments with Cloud-based IAM.” Participating in the webinar will be guest Forrester Senior Analyst Merritt Maxim and David Meyer, OneLogin Vice President of Products.

To register for the Forrester webinar, “Securing Access to On-Premise and SaaS Environments with Cloud-based IAM,” click here.

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