Everything has a Lifecycle - The Challenge of Managing Access to all your Services

September 8th, 2015   |     |  smarter identity

As an employee, I feel an inherent sense of empowerment knowing that my employer will make available the right resources and services for me to do my job. I wanted to share a few data points from our partners to set the stage of what’s required to realize this goal:

My discussions with enterprises have revealed that many operational challenges can be synthesized to a common premise- how to manage across each “lifecycle” as the organization transitions to new, often line-of-business specific, SaaS applications. Additionally, IT faces a new set of tasks including directory consolidation, cloud app integration, user provisioning, security and governance compliance, etc. Each of these processes is necessary to enable the hundreds, if not thousands, of new services and onboard all their users. These services each span a set of lifecycle processes that can be associated with producing something, marketing something, selling something, supporting something, or even managing something (e.g. an employee’s career). Below is a subset of cloud applications by domain or lifecycle that one might expect to see within their organization:

Domain Description Example SaaS Services
Applicant Tracking Systems Candidate recruiting lifecycle  img Greenhouse
 img Jazz (formerly Resumator)
Human Capital Management Employee career and benefits lifecycle  img Workday
 img SuccessFactors
IT Service Management IT service lifecycle  img ServiceNow
 img BMC Remedyforce
 img Samanage
Office Productivity Business productivity lifecycle  img Office365
 img Google Apps for Work
File Share/Synch Content collaboration and storage lifecycle  img Box
 img DropBox
 img Egnyte
Marketing Automation Lead and prospect lifecycle  img Marketo
 img Oracle Eloqua
Customer Relationship Management Opportunity and customer lifecycle  img SalesForce
 img SugarCRM
Expense Management Expense tracking lifecycle  img SAP Concur
 img Expensify

Note: All of these applications are SAML-enabled with connectors available from OneLogin’s app catalog. You can read more about The Power of Standards and the Momentum of SAML and SAML’s 10 Year Milestone. Also, see SAMLtool.com and Developers.onelogin.com.

As LoB’s continue investing in these SaaS applications with the promise of removing complexities and delivering greater efficiencies, the employees, their identities, and the processes that embody how these users access these cloud applications (i.e. the user experience) becomes the underlying drivers for success.

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Chip Epps joined OneLogin in 2014 to help advance cloud security initiatives and the evolution of identity and access management. Having worked previously at Symantec, Trend Micro, and Websense he focused on securing virtual data centers and implementing SaaS-based compliance solutions. Prior to a career in security, Chip worked at Peregrine Systems (now HP), promoting ITSM and service management within a dynamic IT environment.

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