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September 27th, 2019   |     |  culture & news

Temperatures reached 93 degrees in downtown San Francisco, Wednesday, September 25, 2019. Inside San Francisco’s InterContinental Hotel, the atmosphere at OneLogin Connect boasted a hot streak of its own. The day warmed up with the launch of Shield by OneLogin, a security-first solution delivered via a browser extension that empowers end-users to combat today’s most common cybersecurity threats. But, more about that later! Things continued to warm up as we welcomed OneLogin customers and partners for a day of thought leadership, product announcements, customer enablement sessions, and networking opportunities.

We’re thankful for our partners and customers who made the trip to San Francisco to spend the day with us. We hope you found Connect19 as valuable an experience as we did and look forward to continued collaboration and innovation over the course of the next year.

If you weren’t able to join us in person, we’re sorry we missed you. Connect19 was an action-packed day. Here are just a few of the highlights.

Shield by OneLogin: Your Frontline Defense Against Password Attacks

We kicked off Connect with a special product announcement: Shield by OneLogin. The first-of-its-kind browser extension protects consumers and enterprises from password reuse, identity reuse, weak password practices, and phishing. Shield enables customers to put an end to insecure password practices and defend against phishing attacks. Specifically, Shield identifies instances where users reuse the same password across multiple accounts - a risky practice given that once one account is compromised, hackers may leapfrog across accounts using the same credentials. Shield also alerts users to instances where they are using weak or common passwords that are easily compromised.

Keynote Address

OneLogin President & CEO Brad Brooks opened Connect by sharing the momentum the company has generated in 2019. He added to that momentum by introducing OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform™

“We are building the next-generation trust-based platform to change what authentication means—to get rid of the password and change the paradigm of how people think about authentication.” The Trusted Experience Platform hinges on three main pillars:

  • Exceptional User Experiences: We provide our greatest value when our technology is least visible to end-users.
  • Confidence Through Security: Our customers unleash new value when they are confident in exploring the unknown.
  • The Trust Equation: Trust is built from three core principles: f(x) = Reliability + Performance + Privacy2. (the privacy of both our customers and their individual end-users).

The OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform™

Math not your thing? Stick with us—our product team, led by OneLogin Chief Product Officer Venkat Sathyamurthy helped solve for f(x).

Product Roadmap

The modern world runs on computing. OneLogin CPO Venkat Sathyamurthy noted that the trend of connectivity spans industries and this proliferation underpins a fourth industrial revolution where hyper-connectivity fuels new opportunities. Our response to this opportunity is the Trusted Experience Platform:

  • Shield addresses some of today’s most common cybersecurity threats: password reuse, identity reuse, weak password practices, and phishing.
  • Vigilance AI leverages the power of data and automation to enable risk-based decisions that create a better user experience. The offering goes beyond human capabilities and identifies unusual patterns in behavior for advanced threat defense.
  • Smart-Factor Authentication limits the risk posed by text-based passwords and delivers a context-based authentication methodology powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Project Blueprint is a DevOps initiative that replaces UI driven management with popular DevOps tools for tighter security and continuous deployments.
  • Enterprise Sandbox enables users to test new capabilities and configurations at scale before confidently deploying to production environments. With the OneLogin Enterprise Sandbox, users simplify and automate the change management process.
  • Project Hydra represents OneLogin’s target for carrier grade reliability. It combines the strengths of our architecture with modern site-scaling and reliability approaches to achieve new levels of reliability.

Customer Showcase

One of Connect’s strongest virtues is enabling customers to learn from one another. Nowhere was that more evident than the customer showcase where Virgin Hyperloop One’s Director of IT Dawn Armstrong joined a panel discussion with Digicel’s Group Head of IT & Security Operations David Wong and Security Operations Manager Avryl Francis. Both Digicel and Virgin Hyperloop One came to OneLogin with unique use cases.

Virgin Hyperloop One needed to migrate from ADFS to improve scalability, provisioning, single sign-on (SSO), and multi-factor authentication (MFA). They were able to deploy more than seven critical apps to OneLogin in less than 36 hours. Armstrong noted, “we’re creating the fifth mode of transportation and we need a vendor who can move as fast and agile as we do.”

Digicel needed to solve challenges ranging from lengthy app integration times and lack of scalability to manual onboarding processes and poor password practices. Their OneLogin solution centralized access for more than 9,000 users across 32 countries, enabled self-service password resets, improved scalability, and improved security with SSO and MFA. Wong shared how OneLogin supported Digicel’s digital transformation efforts. “We needed to have the ability, the flexibility to integrate all of those apps very quickly with the agility to support the business.”

Power User Labs

During the afternoon, attendees connected with OneLogin Product Specialists and Solutions engineers for in-depth customer enablement sessions. Customers took advantage of valuable facetime to ask pressing questions about their existing technology investments and or preview newly announced products.

Customer and Partner Awards

At the end of the day (literally), OneLogin Connect is about our partners and customers. They are both integral to our growth as a business. Their collaboration and insights enable us to innovate and deliver our product to organizations around the world. To honor their contribution to our success as a company, we recognized customers who demonstrate excellence in the use of our product. This year’s Customer Award winners included:

  • Herman Miller, Best Collaborated Effort
  • San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART), Best Cloud Deployment
  • Pacificorp, Best Business Transformation
  • AMN Healthcare, Most Creative Use Case of OneLogin

OneLogin partner awards recognized partners that demonstrate a commitment to customer innovation, product revenue, and growth, by selling OneLogin products. This year’s partner award recipients included:

  • Port 53, Reseller Partner of the Year
  • Veristor, Solution Partner of the Year
  • Kinetix, MSP Partner of the Year
  • Samanage, Technology Partner of the Year
  • BeyondTrust, Emerging Partner of the Year

Again, thank you to our customers and partners for making Connect19 special. We value your partnership year-round and look forward to continued collaboration and innovation.

Couldn’t make it to connect SF? No need to wait for 2020. Join us October 15, 2019 at the ME Hotel in London for Connect UK 2019.

OneLogin blog author
About the Author

Tony Smith is a Marketing Communications Manager at OneLogin. He is passionate about developing blog and social media content that helps customers identify and find solutions to their identity and access management challenges.

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OneLogin blog author
About the Author

Tony Smith is a Marketing Communications Manager at OneLogin. He is passionate about developing blog and social media content that helps customers identify and find solutions to their identity and access management challenges.

View all posts by Tony Smith

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