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April 26th, 2016   |     |  company news

No matter where you work, it can be easy to forget what impact you have at your job. If you’re not paying attention days, weeks, and months can zoom by without you realizing what an integral role you play at your organization.

From sales to customer service, to product to engineering, every single employee is linked through a series of interweaving threads which form a great company. As many employees have realized, coming to work for a paycheck is simply not enough anymore. Most employees today want to work for companies that have a cohesive team spirit, where you can learn and grow together as colleagues.

Here at OneLogin, we have a highly collaborative culture; one that I have not seen in many other companies. This philosophy flows throughout our organization.

Our VP of Product assisted our internal HR team by bringing in his wife’s company to help our employees manage their financial budgets and have a long term financial plan.

Our VP of Sales introduced his friend who works for one of San Francisco’s elite real estate brokerage firms to help us broker a real estate deal for our San Francisco space.

And this week, I had the privilege of working with our sales team to close a deal with a company where I used to work.

It was a wonderful experience to ring the sales gong—a large ceremonial gong which is struck after each deal closes— and know that people cheered for a colleague who normally sits “outside” the traditional sales team.

This year OneLogin is focused on building alignment and cohesion from our leadership team to the individuals who comprise our 200 person global company. We feel that by investing early in our esprit de corps, we can propel our company to leave a lasting legacy of teamwork.

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Mai Ton, VP of HR for OneLogin, is leading the charge to scale OneLogin’s growth with a focus on culture and long-term employee development. She sets the people strategy and delivers the support to make it a great place to work.

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