BMC and OneLogin Transforming Businesses at BMC Engage 2016

September 1st, 2016   |     |  company news, product & technology

Heading to BMC Engage this year? We’re going to be doing something unique: instead of the usual booth session, we’ll be running a Remedyforce-OneLogin integration lab with BMC! If not familiar with it, BMC Remedyforce is a SaaS service management application built on Salesforce App Cloud.

The joint lab session is intended for any new or existing Remedyforce administrators to learn more about the integration and how it can accelerate a Remedyforce deployment or more seamlessly manage an existing one.

If you’re attending, we’re excited to see you!

Session attendees will see how powerful they can be as an ITSM professional while also empowering end-users. For admins, OneLogin’s rules engine provides users with the appropriate access to and permissions within Remedyforce. For end-users, OneLogin provides seamless single sign-on and self-service password reset functionality.

Efficiently Bridging the Gap between Directory and Remedyforce

The impact of our integration all starts via a real-time directory connection (we’ll be using Active Directory in the lab) that allows OneLogin to do its filtering. These filters can be immediately applied with either attributes or groups in the directory.

At first, OneLogin gives access to an application or a set of applications. For example, if you’re an employee, you may get access to a standard set of tools. We often see rollouts of Remedyforce, an HRIS tool such as Workday and an email tool such as Office 365. Then we go into the department-specific applications. Sales may get access to a CRM tool and other sales enablement tools, while Marketing may get access to campaign management and other automation tools.

We can then use the same filtering engine to provide the correct permissions to Remedyforce users. For example, most users may have the standard client profile to allow for self-service ticket entry and setup. Other users may be staff members, and then a small number may be administrators.

That’s how OneLogin helps Remedyforce administrators. For end users, we provide single sign-on to Remedyforce, a must-have feature, and self-service directory password resets. Users can also receive an email or SMS text message for a password reset. Plus, all of OneLogin’s security questions are localized in 25+ languages, letting you use it for multinational teams.

BONUS: Create and Enforce Security Policies & 2FA

There are also two bonuses for OneLogin customers that come through the integration with Remedyforce: Two-Factor Authentication and Customizable Security Policies. 2FA can be applied globally for all apps, or customized on a per-app basis — and they work hand-in-hand with the customizable security policies that come with OneLogin. Different users can have different policies applied to them. For example, you may want IT admins to use 2FA when signing in to Remedyforce since they can access more sensitive information, while having end-users not use 2FA at all.

All in all, the OneLogin-Remedyforce integration provides a complete identity and access management solution for admins, with key features including Single Sign-On and user provisioning. We hope to see you at BMC Engage, but if not, this post is a primer for all things related to the integration!

Find Us at BMC Engage

We’ll be at the Aria Hotel, September 6-9, 2016, for this year’s BMC Engage conference.

Learn more about OneLogin for BMC Remedyforce by visiting our website - sign up for a free account or download the joint solution brief.

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