Building an Equitable Future: Our Commitment to Equality

June 8th, 2020   |     |  culture & news

All of us at OneLogin are angered, saddened, and overwhelmed by the events that have taken place over the past several weeks. We are outraged by the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the continued systemic issues that perpetuate the racism experienced by the Black community and people of color across the United States and the world.

We believe, as a company, that it’s time to put a stake in the ground and take action for fundamental change in the communities where we live and conduct business. This includes speaking out in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, making meaningful changes to how OneLogin operates, and calling on our technology peers to help in the fight against systemic injustice and racism through opportunity creation—bringing more technology jobs and education to Black communities.

We don’t want to put out a hollow statement without committing to change, so we took time internally to speak to our employees, speak to our company leaders, and brainstorm actions we can take. And we have work to do. We can do more to open career opportunities at OneLogin in underserved communities, help develop relevant curriculums for training, and hold ourselves accountable to make meaningful change that supports racial equality and education.

Over the coming weeks and months, OneLogin will build a cohesive program that focuses on the following initiatives:

Embrace Remote Work Opportunities in Underserved Communities
COVID-19 has shown us we can effectively operate a high-growth company remotely from all over the world. While enabling a remote workforce has always been a core use case for the OneLogin platform, we have focused our hiring efforts to the major metropolitan areas where we have a physical presence, which has limited our ability to attract a more diverse workforce from across the country.

We know we can be successful with a remote team, which provides us the opportunity to open technical roles and recruit from diverse communities across the country without requiring relocation. We believe that the lack of access to opportunities is a large component of the systemic racism that exists across our country. By opening the door to candidates in underserved communities we can start to change the fabric of our own organization and the broader technology industry.

We commit to partnering with a national nonprofit organization to help us in this effort to advance the careers of minority talent. Together, with our chosen agency, we will identify talent, sponsor educational opportunities, hire, and develop career paths.

Invest in Vocational Education
Opportunity is a direct result of education and training. The lack of access to key educational resources, skilled teachers, and relevant curriculum in many minority communities perpetuates the cycle and blocks advancement. This is particularly true for access to technical roles.

At OneLogin, we have unique skill sets across our organization in cybersecurity, cloud technology, coding, and entrepreneurship and we commit to leveraging our resources to invest in and develop critical curriculum targeting underserved communities. This will include partnerships with local community colleges and vocational schools to develop specialized courses in preparation for technology careers, providing internal resources to teach these courses, and sponsoring incoming students and educational events in these communities.

OneLogin Cares Program
We have a community of employees who are passionate about diversity, inclusion, and the Black Lives Matter movement. We have doubled down on resources to support our internal organization, OneLogin Cares, to develop programs around volunteering and community engagement, Diversity and Inclusion Training, and internal policy development. Initial focuses will be reaching out to local communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta and Redmond areas to mentor at-risk youth, develop an internship program, and craft internal policies that set benchmarks for diverse hiring.

We will create a community advisory board run by our employees with representation from two nonprofits to provide our leadership team a direct listening channel for how we can better address opportunity issues and improve the technology industry support for those issues. And this is only the beginning. Our employees are actively continuing to ideate and grow out the program.

Take Action
We need to take action now. We call upon other members of the technology community to stand firmly behind their beliefs and stand up for human rights.

We call upon our state and federal governments for justice reform to ensure that all people, regardless of race, gender, and religion, are treated equally under the law. We need to change a system that targets communities of color and perpetuates stereotypes. We need to deliver justice to those that have been harmed.

Silence is not an option. We are ready to speak out, stand up for Black Lives Matter, take responsibility, and work towards a better future. OneLogin stands for equality, justice, and transformation. We commit to less talk and more action.

OneLogin blog author
About the Author

Here, at OneLogin, we foster a culture of inclusion, one that opposes discrimination toward anyone. We firmly stand by the notion that promoting self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increased visibility of all minority groups.

OneLogin blog author
About the Author

Here, at OneLogin, we foster a culture of inclusion, one that opposes discrimination toward anyone. We firmly stand by the notion that promoting self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increased visibility of all minority groups.

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