OneLogin and BetterCloud - Building a Secure SaaS Model from Access to Operations and Beyond

As two companies laser focused on solving IT challenges around SaaS security and management, OneLogin and Bettercloud have been working together to help customers for several years. When we launched our initial integration last September at our respective user conferences – OneLogin Connect and Bettercloud Altitude – the positive feedback was instantaneous. Since then, our respective teams have been working together behind the scenes to jointly innovate our solution capabilities and deliver a better customer experience.

Today, I couldn’t be more excited to unveil OneLogin and Bettercloud’s strategic partnership and expanded platform integration, built for organizations across the globe who are using SaaS solutions to power their businesses.

Why we’re partnering and our unique user-centric approach to SaaS management

A typical company uses an average of 16 SaaS powered applications that are accessible from anywhere, but we also frequently see organizations leveraging dozens or even hundreds of applications. SaaS adoption has further skyrocketed in recent months to enable remote work – leaving IT teams trying to weather a storm of new SaaS apps and competing business demands. Inevitably, security, agility or user experience suffers.

OneLogin and BetterCloud have joined forces to help IT teams automate user lifecycle management and strengthen security, in a way that also empowers end users. While OneLogin protects your organization by securing and centralizing your applications, devices, and end-users all-in-one place, BetterCloud manages and secures user data and interactions within those same applications for entitlements, configurations, sharing settings across SaaS applications. The joint solution helps to address common IT questions like “How can I automatically give a user access to applications and specific resources or how can I work with my employees to take corrective action when risky situations occur – such as if an employee accidentally or intentionally shares a confidential file publically.”

OneLogin and BetterCloud’s platform integration addresses these everyday scenarios in a meaningful and practical manner:

OneLogin and BetterCloud's partnership offers advanced onboarding and offboarding, mid-lifecycle management, and enhanced security

Fully automated advanced onboarding and offboarding

OneLogin and Bettercloud have helped IT teams achieve up to 9X faster onboarding and offboarding with end-to-end user lifecycle automation. As the unified cloud directory, OneLogin provides the foundational layer of identity automation from securing user authentication via an intuitive web login portal, assigning the appropriate access permissions based on role, and provisioning users in real-time to applications. BetterCloud listens to user updates from OneLogin and then completes the appropriate in-application tasks, such as assigning groups, files, permissions, and resources.

Management workflows

Managing mid-lifecycle management workflows

OneLogin and Bettercloud make it easy to complete IT processes for crossboarding – such as automatically updating user access, roles, and permissions – when an employee changes teams or is promoted within the company. As soon as the user’s role is updated, OneLogin modifies their access and security permissions. OneLogin also provisions new custom user attributes or accounts for that user within supported applications. BetterCloud listens to all the ongoing changes from OneLogin and then completes the configuration inside the target applications, such as provisioning a user with access to new files in Google or new permissions in Slack.

Smarter security across users and applications

OneLogin and Bettercloud’s joint solution helps IT administrators secure user interactions and access, both with contextual-based authentication and orchestrated workflows. OneLogin’s role-based access control enforces consistent security requirements and access permissions for end users. For real-time threat prevention, OneLogin’s adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) leverages a risk-based score to dynamically adjust the authentication requirements for an individual login on a continuous basis. BetterCloud ensures sanctioned users interact securely within the SaaS application by automatically creating and assigning granularly delegated admin roles, providing alerts when new superadmins are added within an application, applying time constraints to user roles, and more.

Our API-powered integration allows IT administrators to create security workflows for specific end user scenarios. For example: If BetterCloud detects suspicious user behavior such as downloading a high volume of files in Salesforce that exceeds the threshold of a security policy, it can kick off a workflow to alert the security team and have OneLogin force the user to re-authenticate or block their access.

OneLogin and BetterCloud also provide granular visibility and auditability across users and applications.

What does this mean for you and how to get started?

OneLogin and BetterCloud’s joint solution gives IT complete visibility to their SaaS environment providing secure access, provisioning automation, and user-centric management. Get started today to empower your business and employees to embrace cloud applications with complete trust and confidence.

If you would like to learn more about the challenges OneLogin and BetterCloud are solving for customers, please join our upcoming webinar on May 21st to see the integration live and hear about the additional benefits (registration is here) or reach out to your OneLogin Account Representative.

Also check out my counterpart Emily Cataldo’s post on our integration and partnership on The BetterCloud Blog.

About the Author

Chelsea Wadsworth

Chelsea Wadsworth oversees OneLogin’s strategic technology partnerships and global ecosystem. She is passionate about security and building strategic relationships with other leading SaaS providers to deliver better technology and customer experiences.

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