Open Source, SAML, and the Atlassian rocket ship

November 18th, 2015   |     |  product and technology, smarter identity, security & compliance

Last week we open sourced a project that will make it easy to provide secure single sign-in (using SAML) for your Jira or Confluence instance. While Atlassian is incorporating these standards into their general product lines, existing deployments can achieve this now with this toolkit.

Why does it matter? Well, unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you’ve heard what can happen when data is leaked from a company. Layering security into every app you use, and making it easy for the employee, are table stakes for having an effective and compliant organization.

Years ago OneLogin accelerated SAML adoption throughout the industry by Open Sourcing SAML toolkits in the main web development languages. These toolkits have had thousands of clones and been adopted in hundreds of SaaS apps – many of the household names that you use every day.

We believe in Open Source. It has helped our business tremendously. We followed our SAML work with a deep investment in SCIM – the open standard for user provisioning (see earlier post for what it can do with Slack) – and most recently for NAPPS – powering seamless and highly secure authentication for native mobile apps.

The more that software companies create fluid experiences with standards, the more you benefit (literally whoever you are). Now that Atlassian is eating the world we are happy to do our part to help make it safe. Have fun with these new toolkits, and share your thoughts on what else you would like to see at @OneLoginDev.

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David Meyer leads the Product Team at OneLogin. He works closely with customers, partners and thought leaders to solve identity problems in an elegant and powerful way. Having created many products at various companies over the last 20 years, David is excited to be building a fundamental utility for the modern enterprise- something every company needs.

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