Are Biometrics the Future of Authentication?

June 16th, 2016   |     |  security & compliance

Writing in the June 6 issue of CMSWire, OneLogin’s CISO Alvaro Hoyos discusses recent developments in authentication— including biometrics.

If you’re in the business of security, you’re probably already familiar with what biometrics are. “Instead of ‘something you know,’ biometrics are ‘something you are,’and there are two main categories — physiological and behavioral,” said Hoyos in his article, The Headache Inducing Challenge of Protecting Company Data.

According to Hoyos, “physiological biometrics include everything from fingerprints to voice, heartbeat, facial and iris pattern recognition, whereas behavioral biometrics include factors such as left/right handedness, hand tremor, navigation patterns and keystroke dynamics.”

Up until relatively recently, this type of authentication existed only in the world of science fiction. But as we delve deeper into the digital age, could biometrics become the standard for authentication in the near future?

In his article, Hoyos takes readers through the various strengths and challenges of biometrics, the costs of biometric readers, privacy considerations, and a variety of questions to consider before making the jump to biometrics as part of an overall authentication strategy.

The bottom line? “While businesses are moving towards or at least considering using biometrics as a type of authentication, the technology has some ways to go in order to become a mainstay in business,” says Hoyos. “The best approach is to choose a combination of these techniques in conjunction with a password to enhance your company’s identity and access management strategy.”

To read the complete article, click here.

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