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March 19th, 2018   |     |  smarter identity

When first looking at OneLogin and the range of leading Unified Access Management (UAM) products we offer, you may not consider how critical the developer piece of the complete solution is.

Your goals often feel complex, but at a high level are relatively simple. You want to enable frictionless, secure access to the wide range of applications that are the engine house of your growing enterprise.

When considering these goals, the “Why” is easily answered. But the “How” is where things can get complicated by the various configurations of legacy, cloud, and on-premise applications that you run, combined with compliance, policy, and other security requirements.

This is where an effective set of developer tools can truly change the game in terms of managing custom requirements and seamlessly connecting all the things.

OneLogin has a proud history of supporting the developer ecosystem, starting in the early days with our industry-leading work to help developers SAML-enable their applications. In an effort to make it easier for developers to understand the concepts around SAML, we launched samltool.com, and also released numerous SAML toolkits that are still widely used and supported today.

As the company has grown, we have listened to customers and realised that more capabilities around Administrative APIs are required to enable DevOps teams to efficiently manage thousands - or in some cases millions - of users. We’ve added capabilities around user, app and role management, and industry standard support for user syncing via the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM).

In 2017 we launched an OpenId Connect provider, as we recognized the trend towards Single Page Applications (SPA), the value of JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and requirements for managing the identity of our customers. It’s an area of tremendous growth for us which is, once again, firmly rooted in the realm of the developer.

In 2018 we’ve committed ourselves to stepping up our developer game once again with a focus on DevOps tooling for our revolutionary OneLogin Access product, more administrative APIs, improved documentation, guides, API reference, updated SDKS, and ready-to-go sample code downloadable via Github.

If automation and efficiency within an Identity & Access Management (IAM) world is your thing, then check out our developer site at https://developers.onelogin.com where you can sign up for a free developer account and find all of the tools that you need to be successful.

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Rich Chetwynd founded Litmos, the market-leading learning technology company, as well as ThisData, a data security company leading the way in Account Takeover (ATO) attack detection. After ThisData was acquired by OneLogin in Summer 2017, Rich began working with the OneLogin engineering team with a focus on adaptive authentication.

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