OneLogin acquires Sphere: a better way to secure mobile apps

November 9th, 2016   |     |  company news, product & technology

Today we announced the acquisition of Sphere Secure Workspace Inc., a software vendor with next-generation mobile container technology, building on our experience in acquiring CafeSoft and Portadi in the past year.

The reason we made this acquisition is that past attempts to secure native mobile apps leave a lot to be desired. Traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions take over a phone, which is unworkable for BYOD. These solutions also force app vendors into time-consuming rewrites of their software, which few of them can afford to do.

Sphere’s technology provides a better way for end users, for mobile app vendors, and for IT.

For end users, Sphere’s technology appears as a secure mobile container on your phone that holds all your company-managed native mobile apps. Once you log into this container, you can access all your business apps without signing in again; in this way, the container is the mobile equivalent of OneLogin’s Single Sign-on Portal.

For mobile app vendors, Sphere’s technology requires no time-consuming rewrite, since native apps run in the container without modification.

For IT, Sphere’s technology provides control over mobile containers and their apps, allowing them to streamline the onboarding of new employees, extend security policies to mobile apps, and ensure that former employees can no longer access corporate apps and data. Because Sphere requires no technical vendor involvement, IT can secure a broader range of apps than they can with traditional MDM solutions.

We’re excited about how Sphere’s technology can help our customers and partners, and expect to make it available in the coming months. If you’re a mobile app vendor interested in working with us, please email so we can show you how easy it is to secure your apps.

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