451 Research: Top 4 Trends in Information Security for 2018

July 2nd, 2018   |     |  security & compliance

In his report, 2018 Trends in Information Security, 451 Research Director, Scott Crawford, shares his expectations for the infosec market in the coming year. Here are the top 4 trends we can expect in 2018 according to Crawford and team.

1. Redefining “Secure Access”

The desire to connect to the enterprise from any device via any network continues to become more commonplace. As a result, says Crawford, the way we perceive and define “secure access” may be changing from a network focus to an identity focus.

Crawford argues that vendors that can balance both ‘old-world’ capabilities as well as new use cases will be poised to thrive in the coming year.

2. Compliance Continues to Gain Traction

With the number of records breached tripling in just the last two years, Crawford also asserts that compliance will continue to gain strength as an enterprise priority. In particular, he asserts that the enforcement of GDPR will have a significant impact across the globe.

3. More Pervasive Security Analytics

Historically, the security market has been criticized for its apparent inability to detect and stop increasingly severe security threats. But according to Crawford, a data-driven approach to security has been reshaping the landscape, and will continue to enhance threat detection and prevention. Essentially, all security tools will also be analytics tools.

“In 2018, we expect a focus on analytics to become pervasive among security vendors, with virtually every security product emphasizing its central importance.” -Scott Crawford, Research Director, 451 Research

4. Increased Security Automation

As the security and IT landscapes continue to become ever-more complex, security professionals are placed under greater and greater strain.

Thankfully, Crawford expects the intelligence delivered by new analytic capabilities to have a powerful role in optimizing and automating security practices. This is a great relief, as security professionals are becoming increasingly difficult to find, train and retain.

451 Research first described this union of data, analytics and automation in 2016 as a concept called Actionable Situational Awareness Platform (ASAP).

In short, this concept is based around the gathering of security information from external sources and internal monitoring. Then synthesizing that data into concrete, addressable concerns. Then finally translating that insight into direct action that can be optimized through automation.

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