451 Research recognizes OneLogin as an Innovator for Federated Cloud Search

January 28th, 2013   |     |  company news

True innovation often comes through simplicity and reimagining a situation – as demonstrated by OneLogin, with its recent addition of a novel federated cloud search service.

Historically, we haven’t aggressively pursued the analyst community, so it’s especially gratifying when firms like 451 Research catch on to what we’re doing and recognize us for our innovation (it was only two months ago that Ovum decided to do an On The Radar report on OneLogin based on OneLogin’s “clear innovation compared to similar services.” Is the analyst community finally catching on to OneLogin’s innovative approach to enterprise identity management? We hope so!

Here’s some highlights from Alan Pelz-Sharp, the research director at 451 Research that wrote the report:

The 451 Take

With the release of a federated cloud search service, one that is based on a simple but smart notion, OneLogin is attempting to cement a place for itself in cloud service management. The firm has made much progress in a short period of time, and we believe it has real potential to grow. Federated ID, or SSO-type products, have been around for years. They never quite picked up even in the enterprise, despite initial promise. Now with cloud-based apps and mobile apps, we’ve begun to see a reemergence of this technology, coupled with stronger authentication mechanisms. What OneLogin is doing differently is packaging many elements into a single subscription-based offering that bundles directory integration, authentication, password vaulting, associated reporting and analytics and now cloud search, using the identity management function as a platform to leverage the other services into a single product. Essentially, it is becoming a one-stop shop for cloud-user management.


At heart, OneLogin, as its name suggests, is an identity management company; but the November 2012 release of a federated search service has extended the firm’s reach and ambitions beyond SSO. The OneLogin premise is a simple one, that in the cloud era, traditional methods of utilizing directories and authentication fall short, and that in the cloud, essential enterprise controls relating to application and identity management, user provisioning and sign-on are outside of an enterprise’s control. The enterprise, in turn, becomes dependent on fragmented third-party services, a far from ideal situation. Similarly, cloud service providers that have huge numbers of (often unregulated and potentially untrustworthy) customers, also need to secure and manage services, and need the tools to do so. OneLogin believes that, taken together, these factors represent a good market opportunity.


OneLogin is best known for its open source SAML toolkits for Java, .NET, PHP, Python and Ruby. From this foundation has come SSO, password vaulting, authentication, user provisioning and Active Directory and LDAP directory integration – pretty much the sweep of functions needed to provide scalable cloud-based identity management.

The new addition to the product stack, federated search, is not a search approach we’ve seen before. OneLogin uses the query functions that feature in most typical cloud APIs; for example, salesforce.com, Yammer, Dropbox and Box. It then federates the results of these individual queries via its core identity management functions. In other words, there is no traditional extraction and indexing of content and metadata. In fact, there is no indexing at all. An HTTP request is sent to the API, a query is triggered and a JSON object is sent back. It’s an extremely simple and novel approach to search.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe | Research Director | Content Management and Collaboration

Alan Pelz-Sharpe is the Research Director for Content Management & Collaboration at 451 Research. He has over 20 years of experience in the information management industry, working with a wide variety of end-user organizations and suppliers around the world.

Alan was formerly a Partner at The Real Story Group, ECM Consulting Director at Indian Services firm Wipro, and VP for North America at industry analyst firm Ovum.

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