2017 in Review: Our Top 7 Highlights

December 18th, 2017   |     |  product & technology

We’ve had a busy year here at OneLogin! Here are our top 7 highlights from 2017 you may have missed.

1. New Leadership

This past August, we welcomed Brad Brooks as the new CEO of OneLogin! Brad brings more than 25 years of experience successfully leading global technology companies, and we could not be more excited to have him aboard.

“When the OneLogIn opportunity came along, it matched all three of the key aspects of my criteria. …it becomes clear why it was not only a great match for me personally, but why it’s a great choice for our current and future customers as well.” - Brad Brooks, OneLogin CEO

You can get the full story as to why Brad chose to join OneLogin and where he plans to take the company in this post.

2. OneLogin Ranks in Top 10 Places to Work

And finally, this year OneLogin ranked in the top 10 of Fortune Magazine’s Best Small Workplaces in the Bay Area! Having been recognized by Glassdoor, San Francisco Business Times and Fortune in the past, this is the fourth award that OneLogin has won in the past two years celebrating our company as a great place for employees.

If you’re interested in joining the OneLogin team, check out our jobs page here.

3. Airbus Joins the OneLogin Family

Adding to the excitement of August 2017, OneLogin also welcomed aeronautics and space manufacturer, Airbus, to join OneLogin’s list of over 2,000 global customers.

According to Chris Taylor, Head of Airbus Digital Accelerator, the adoption of OneLogin was part of a larger digital transformation initiative.

“Digital transformation is a strategic driver for Airbus. We are completely redesigning our information technology systems to create added value for the business.” - Chris Taylor, Head of Airbus Digital Accelerator

We are thrilled that manufacturers like Airbus continue to choose OneLogin as their Identity and Access Management provider. To get the full story around how OneLogin is meeting Airbus’ digital transformation needs, check out this post.

4. Happy Customers

Speaking of customers, 2017 was a fantastic year for customer satisfaction and advocacy. This year we released 14 new customer stories from organizations in industries such as manufacturing, education, financial, and high technology.

“What I find most useful about OneLogin is the time saved in onboarding and offboarding employees — it is one of the real strengths of the OneLogin integration with Workday, being able to easily integrate new hires and applications into the workplace.” - Fidelma Butler, Senior Director of Human Resources at Zendesk

You can check out all of our Customer Stories here, and see why organizations like Zendesk, Chart Industries, and Kreditech are choosing OneLogin.

5. Next-Level MFA

On the product side, OneLogin unveiled next-generation multi-factor authentication functionality in the form of Adaptive Authentication in April. Adaptive Auth was one of the hottest topics at Gartner IAM 2017, and I personally just think it’s cool as hell.

In short, Adaptive Auth uses machine learning to review login details like the time of login, geographic location, browser, device, and network reputation to determine how secure a login attempt is. If a login attempt seems suspicious, the system will automatically prompt the user with an MFA request before she can proceed.

If you’re curious and want to learn more about this, or any of the other cool product highlights on this list, feel free to request a demo here. Just ask about whatever interests you and we’d be happy to give you a tour!

6. Smarter App Access

In November, we upgraded the OneLogin Portal with machine learning to make user app access even faster. You can get the full details in this post, but here are the bullet points that I’m most excited about.

  • Frequently used apps are right there: The most frequently used apps now automatically appear first on each user’s app portal. I personally love not having to waste time searching for GSuite or Slack every day anymore.

  • More flexible searching: Ever find yourself in a situation where you remember what an app does but can’t find it because you forget what it’s called. Good news! Now both admins and users can now create keyword-rich descriptions for each individual app. These can contain a task name, category name, old brand name, etc. Users can then search for apps by any of those terms, and get to the apps they need faster.

  • Work with any app: Users can lookup apps or web services and quickly add new logins to their personal OneLogin portal. Even when a user encounters an app that is not listed in the catalog, they can easily add it using our universal connector. Being able to easily add whatever apps they need to their portal means more productivity for users.

7. Smoother Access for On-Prem Apps

Many organizations embracing the cloud are left wondering how to support the on-prem applications they still depend on. That’s why in 2017, we made web-access management a top priority.

In short, OneLogin WAM integrates with an organization’s web servers to secure access to legacy applications, while also connecting to the OneLogin Cloud Directory for the full set of Cloud IAM features. Users are able to view both on-prem and SaaS apps all on the same single sign-on portal, while also making those on-prem apps more secure.

It’s been a very eventful year and we cannot wait to show you what we have in store for 2018. Let’s keep in touch! Click here to contact us with questions about any of the content above.

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